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Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Plan 2022 – 2025

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Ireland’s Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Plan 2022 – 2025 was launched by Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan on 19 January 2023.

In accordance with the plan, the Department of Transport has committed to investing €100 million in the development and expansion of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure over the course of the next three years – increasing the number of charging points from circa 1,700 to a range of between 2,540 and 4,850.

The publication of the plan is a welcome sign of Government commitment to Ireland’s climate action and carbon reduction goals. The approach within the plan of identifying the EV requirements of different users allows a holistic view of charging infrastructure roll out and presents a subtle but important shift from asset capabilities to user needs.

The Zero Emission Vehicle Ireland office (ZEVI) established in July 2022 has been tasked with the important role of overseeing implementation of the strategy. It has already, through its consultation programme on the Plan, met with key stakeholders and the charge point operator market to update and receive feedback on the plan. ZEVI will need to continue to collaborate with private sector partners to leverage expertise and help to un-tap the additional funding needed to ensure that the ambitious targets set out in the plan can be achieved.

At a glance, the plan identifies the following key deliverables for achievement by the end of 2025:

1. rapid chargers for private vehicles and HGV’s to be available every 60km on the motorway network and at strategic locations countrywide;

2. construction of mobility hubs in cities to provide shared use electric vehicles and facilitate convenient electric car, bike and scooter charging;

3. substantially increase electric vehicle ownership and access to smart home chargers;

4. installation of charging infrastructure across neighbourhoods and sports clubs through a €15 million scheme; and

5. support the development and commencing rollout of Vehicle to Grid technology.

The plan also promises enhanced support, advice and guidance for authorities delivering charging infrastructure. This commitment will be critical to ensure that roll out targets are met but also that there is consistency and efficiency through the standardisation of procurement processes and contracts across authorities.

This is a hugely positive step for the Irish EV market and we look forward to supporting and advising clients as they seek to deliver EV projects and we continue to move from EV aspiration and strategy into reality.

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