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Private Members’ Bill on gender quotas for company Boards moves into Dáil second stage

  • Ireland
  • Corporate secretarial services


The Irish Government has been called on to support a new gender quotas bill which proposes to establish a 40 percent quota for female representation on company boards.

The Irish Corporate Governance (Gender Balance) Bill 2021 (the “Bill”) moved forward to second stage in the Dáil (Irish Parliament) after being submitted in September 2021.

If eventually enacted, the Bill mandates a stipulation whereby certain companies would need to have a minimum 33 percent female representation on their boards following the first year of its enactment which would rise to 40 percent after 3 years.

The Bill also proposes that companies would need to submit a report on their gender balance for the year within their annual reports and failing to meet such a gender balance quota without credible explanation could result in that company being liable to a High Court action directing them to comply.

While the Bill in its current form recommends that the 40 percent quota applies to boards and governing councils of designated companies, undertakings, charities and bodies in the State, there would be certain exemptions such as companies with fewer than 20 employees.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the bill as it moves through the various stages. We will also continue to keep you abreast of changes and updates in company law that may affect your company.

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