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Registration of business entities: foreign experience

  • Latvia


    Author: Viktorija Jarkina

    Law Office “Eversheds Bitāns” attorney at law Viktorija Jarkina together with Vita Sliede the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia advisor in civil rights sector, judicial cooperation in civil law, commercial law, the Court of Justice of the European Union, legal matters, e-rule of law and codification. They took part in development of the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation Registration Chamber commission monograph  “Registration of business entities: foreign experience”. Their involvement was preparation of a section in respect to experience and legislation of Latvia.

    In the relevant section of the monograph following topics were examined:

    • a general overview of business entities;
    • registration of a company in the Register of Enterprises: the concept and the procedure;
    • legal status of foreign persons who carry out business in Latvia.

    Particularly the attention was stressed to the fact that non-resident (foreign person) registration conditions and the establishment of Business in Latvia is regulated similarly both to residents and non-residents. Such a procedure is developed so that the non-residents can do business activities in Latvia and promote its economic development, respectively enjoying the benefits of national treatment and attract foreign investments.

    Full publication in Russian is available HERE.

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