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In the maze of personal data migration

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Interview with Agris Bitāns

Dienas Bizness
, 149(4554), 29.08.2013

Author: Māris Ķirsons

In case of a debt sale a buyer of the debt is not always authorised to use the debtor’s personal data and information that has been available to the creditor. It is considered that at the moment personal data protection culture in Latvia is low. And this is not only because private individuals are not aware of their rights regarding data protection, but also because they are ready to provide their personal data to other persons, e.g. to those who promise participation in free lotteries requiring indication of a name, surname, personal ID number, email address, telephone number, etc.

It should be taken into consideration that the issues related to loans and personal data protection are regulated by two different laws - the Personal Data Protection Law and the Credit Institution Law. “In practice there could be some curious cases of collision of legal norms as a result of their practical application, however, I don’t think it could be wide-scale”, says Agris Bitāns.

Full article in Latvian language available HERE.

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