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Concerns regarding a weakening judicial system

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Author: Agris Bitāns

Diena, No.25 (6775) 06.02.2014.

The challenged provision determines that in civil proceedings the costs related to administration of the case, the reimbursement of which the party for whose benefit the judgment has been rendered may request from the other party include, among others, the costs of assistance provided by an attorney. The applicant considers that the challenged provision abuses the applicant’s right to choose a representative in civil proceedings and in the event of a positive judgment with regard to the applicant to receive reimbursement of the payment made to a representative who is not an attorney for the administration of the case in the court. In the opinion of the applicant the word “attorney” in the challenged provision has to be replaced with the words “lawful representative”.

In other words, the applicant seeks that the court would collect litigation costs from the losing party in relation to representation in the court not only for an attorney but also for any other person who has acted as a representative in the court.

Full article in Latvian available here.