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Has all international arbitration potential been used for business?

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Author: Agris Bitāns, Artis Straupenieks

Bizness&Baltija, Bizness 2013 TOP 300
, 2013

Last year arbitration courts once again became one of the most topical issues in Latvia, but they were mentioned mainly in a negative sense. Firstly, the government's attention was paid to the draft law aimed at reducing the unreasonably high number of these institutions in our country (currently 214). Secondly, there is a threat for Latvia to be involved in the resolution of disputes in the international arbitration in connection with protection of foreign investments – Rixport, Bertolt Flick and Winenergy. This publication aims to remind of the international arbitration and to indicate the possibilities for its use in international business.

Full article in Russian language available HERE.

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