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The Key of Success in the Asian Market – a Reliable Business Partner

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In Asia, like elsewhere, when business relations are started with partners, a careful due diligence is a must, as well as trying to avoid mistakes made by others. A simple example – the way of handing of your business card is very important.

If you are in China, remember to give your card with both hands and bow slightly (showing your respect). The business card has to be printed in English on one side and in Chinese on the other. In China, Singapore, Malaysia and in Indonesia the so-called simplified characters are used on the side intended for the Chinese language, while in Taiwan and exclusive districts of Hong Kong the traditional characters are used. The business card in China should be in two languages even if the people with whom the meeting has been arranged can both speak and write in English. Arrival for the meeting without a translated business card may cause an almost irreversible harm to the business – it is similar to a refusal to shake hands at the meeting in the West.

However, a correctly printed and handed business card is not enough for the entrepreneurs who are looking into the direction of Asia.

Full article in Latvian available HERE.


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