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Last year's trends in mergers in the telecommunications sector in Europe

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Author: Māris Vainovskis, 14.01.2014.

Over the past two decades the telecommunications sector has undergone significant changes, mainly due to the innovations in technologies that have allowed to expand the content and range of services thus making available a wider choice for customers.

These changes have contributed to the change of existing business models and to the convergence in the industry. Currently, customers require not just access to the Internet, but also the speed of the Internet connection to be able to take full advantage of technological opportunities and diversity of the content offered.

Accordingly, the infrastructure business companies are interested to create the opportunities for volume and administrative savings as a result of a merger in order to be able to invest in development of a more powerful infrastructure. The profits of mobile telephone companies are under increasing pressure, since the majority of markets are so mature that expansion is possible only by way of a merger.

Full article in Latvian language available HERE.

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