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Making court proceedings more "professional" – a step forward in bettering the judicial system

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Author: Agris Bitāns 06.02.2014

Discussions related to long court proceedings that diminish trust in the judiciary as being unable to provide an effective solution arise in the public every once in a while.

Postponement of cases where reproaches are occasionally addressed also to attorneys is only one of the reasons that facilitate extended reviewing of cases. Actually, reasons are many, being both objective and subjective.

Certainly we are interested in fast and effective reviewing of disputes. But how to achieve it? The duty of the presiding judge to determine a case reviewing deadline standard stipulated by Section 271 of the Judiciary Act is one of the most obvious innovations at the level of law. The time will show the effectiveness thereof. However, in order to achieve a noticeable effect, the problem calls for a complex approach. It is necessary both to introduce improvements to laws and regulations and to offer more effective practice of application thereof with consideration of the existing legal base.

Full article in Latvian available here.