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Only Attorney-at-Law admitted at the court of last instance

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Interview with Agris Bitāns

Author Elīna Pankovska

Dienas Bizness, Nr.16 (4421) 23.01.2013.

Amendments to the Civil Procedure Act might result in the reduction of the number of unsubstantiated cassation complaints in the Senate

The interviewed experts are certain about that when being asked the question of why problems tend to arise when court judgments are appealed to the cassation court.

They indicate that just one problematic court type cannot be singled out in this regard and the system should be viewed as a whole. The Attorney-at-Law Agris Bitāns indicates that since revocation of appellate court judgments is frequent in the practice of the Supreme Court Senate, it points to certain problems, e.g. in adjudication of matters in the appellate court.

Full article in Latvian language available HERE.