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A dream of El Dorado

  • Poland
  • Energy and infrastructure - Shale and unconventional


We have a dream in Poland – the dream of our own El Dorado. At the beginning of the Polish shale gas adventure, the press and the public were talking about shale gas euphoria and a shale gas revolution. When we encountered the first obstacles, someone started to use the 'El Dorado' metaphor, and it still fits perfectly. The El Dorado dream started in 2011, when the first reports of shale gas deposits in Poland were published.

Polish geologists have long known about rich shale deposits stretching from the Baltic Sea south east to the Ukrainian border. America's shale gas revolution opened the vision that these reserves could be exploited. Estimates made regarding the size of Poland's gas deposits were the main reason for the interest. In 2011, the US Energy Information Administration estimated Polish shale gas reserves at 5.3 trillion cubic metres, enough to meet domestic demand for some 300 years. Then Advanced Resources International said 3.0 trillion m3, Wood McKenzie 1.4 trillion m3. These estimates concerned the technically recoverable sources.

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 Source: Łukasz Jankowski, Jakub Kasnowski, BPCC Contact, Issue No. 18 (113) 2015

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