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American Investor’s Tom Ćwiok talks with Krzysztof Wierzbowski, managing partner at Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland, and Mark Wasserman, managing partner at Eversheds Sutherland US. The two law firms Eversheds and Sutherland Asbill Brennan joined forces recently.

Why was the decision to combine made by Eversheds and Sutherland Asbill Brennan?

KW: Without a presence in America Eversheds’ ambition to be a global practice would not be satisfied. We have been working with American clients for many years and they were asking questions about extending our services to the US.

MW: When we were separate we had a number of joint clients with whom we have been working for years. After the combination, these clients can work with one network to handle work in different jurisdictions around the world. Companies based in Poland doing business in the US and companies that have operations in Poland and the rest of Central and Eastern Europe will be able to have their work and relationships handled by one firm. Culturally, the combined practice across all of our offices, has a similar approach to building long-term relationship with the clients.

KW: We did a thorough research before the combination and did not identify any major conflicts of interest. It may happen in the future as often is the case with big international law firms. But having contacted our clients we feel very optimistic about what we can do now for a large number of them.

MW: We did extensive research before joining forces and found out that culturally the firms area good fit and our client profiles and our philosophy of client service were all very well matched.
Plus, we can now offer technology solutions as part of our global network. For example, in real estate and  labor and employment we can provide multinationals around the world with extensive data analytics. For instance, we can be the one point of contact and we can take client information and provide analysis to clients that allows them to be more efficient in their legal operation. So we are doing much more than just providing legal services—we are adding value by using technology to help our clients in their business around the world.  

KW: Both firms were advanced in technology. Technology is necessary to serve global clients. So we can help our clients strategize or take directions in developing their business. We at Eversheds have developed that part of business a long time ago and our business consulting practice is offering consulting services in a range of law-related business issues. Many global clients want to optimize their expenditures by monitoring them better and managing them more efficiently, so now as a firm with global reach, Eversheds Sutherland can do that by continuing to deliver global offerings to global clients.

Read the full interview in the spring edition of the American Investor. Page 26