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Podcast: Do’s & Don’ts in negotiations between Polish and German companies, part 1

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The cultural and legal differences between two countries, as well as failure to acknowledge them, may be the source of some serious troubles.

Maciej Jóźwiak (Partner heading Dispute Resolution team in Poland) and Stefan Saerbeck (Principal Associate on the Dispute Resolution team in Germany) – in a podcast “Do’s & Don’ts in negotiations between Polish and German Companies, part 1” – discuss a series of issues crucial to those, who do business in Poland and Germany. 

If you conduct or expect to conduct negotiations with Polish or German entities, you may want to know the answers to these, seemingly simple, questions:

  • What can be the consequences of lying during negotiations?
  • Taking advantage of misunderstanding of the negotiated contract of the other party - can it adversely affect my situation?
  • Is there personal liability of negotiators who act on behalf of a company?

The podcast was recorded on 22 April 2021. The information in this podcast does not constitute legal advice. If you would like legal advice or more detailed information, please contact the authors.

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