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Deposits on disposable packaging will be now more transparent

The administrator may dispose of unpaid deposits up to a maximum of 50%. For more, it will need the consent of the Ministry of the Environment, to which it must also submit regular reports on its activities.

Katarína Brath Liebscherová | Senior Associate

A new type of agreement in labou law on the horizon

A parliamentary proposal regarding the introduction of a new law governing employment agreements for the performance of seasonal work is currently undergoing the inter-ministerial comment procedure. For social security purposes, the natural person concerned should be regarded as an employee.

Daša Derevjaniková | Associate

The Ministry of Labour has launched an information website in connection with the introduction of the so-called "kurzarbeit" in Slovakia

The Ministry of Labour has launched the information website where employers and employees can find information on how the short-time work system works, who can apply for support, what the conditions for granting it are and what the amount is.

Filip Kozoň | Associate

What is considered overtime work

According to the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic, overtime work is also considered to be work performed outside normal working hours without an explicit order from the employer, even in the long term. It is important that the employer knows that the employee is working longer and uses the results of their work.

Ján Macej | Senior Associate

New minimum wage from 1 January 2022

The monthly minimum wage at the first level of work intensity is EUR 646. The base minimum hourly wage is EUR 3.713.

Petra Marková | Senior Associate

"Kurzarbeit" law in effect from 1 March 2022

Does not apply to sole traders. The state will partially reimburse employee costs at a maximum of EUR 7.81 / hour in 2022. The following ratio will apply: 60 (state) : 20 (employer) : 20 (employee).

Jana Sapáková | Counsel

Employers can also apply for contributions from the First Aid + project, including measure 3B, for the months of January and February 2022

Only those employers who employ a maximum of 49 employees and have recorded a decrease in sales of at least 40% will be able to apply for contributions from measure 3B in January and February 2022. Depending on the decrease in sales, the amount of the contribution per employee ranges from EUR 450 to EUR 810. The application for January can be submitted until 31 March 2022.

Paulína Šlauková | Associate

Support for renewable energy sources from the Recovery Plan

The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic has published the schedule of calls for the Recovery Plan concerning support for renewable energy sources. The first call is planned for April 2022 and will cover EUR 51 million.

Annamária Tóthová | Partner