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A snapshot of AI's dark side, part one: warfare and bias

A snapshot of AI's dark side, part one: warfare and bias
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There is absolutely no doubt that artificial intelligence has already driven — and will continue to drive — some of the world's most fascinating and advanced technological achievements. While AI and ML continues to permeate lives of end-consumers through things like voice-activated assistants and image recognition technologies, these tools have also been incredibly important for the enterprise in a plethora of ways.

However, while the use of AI and ML has led to some major progress, its use isn't always free of tribulation. Notably, a few high-profile organisations have come under fire for their use of AI - and the emphasis has been less on the systems themselves and more on how they're being orchestrated and trained, as well as where data is sourced.

To take a deeper dive into these issues, we spoke with Charlotte Walker-Osborn, who is a partner within the commercial group of global law-firm Eversheds Sutherland. Walker-Osborn is a leading expert in AI, automation and technology law, and advises UK and global corporations on legal challenges posed by major corporate transactions at the cutting edge of technology. In part one of our snapshot of the darker side of AI, we discuss the more controversial uses of AI and whether a truly neutral Artificial Intelligence system is possible.

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