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Ofcom's proposed telecommunications priorities

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On 3 December 2018 Ofcom released its proposed Annual Plan for 2019/2020 titled “Making communications work for everyone” []requesting comments from the industry (responses to be provided by 8 February 2019) prior to producing its final annual plan in March 2019. Ofcom’s proposed telecommunications priorities for the next financial year are:

Moving towards universal availability of high quality and secure communications networks

This priority is focused on ensuring universality of broadband services and universal mobile coverage. It also aims to improve the quality of broadband through supporting long term investment in fibre networks. Ofcom has issued a number of consultation to support this priority:

delivering the Broadband Universal Service []

award of the 700MHz and 3.6 GHz spectrum bands []

promoting investment and competition in fibre networks 2018 []

Protecting consumers from harmful pricing practices

Work in this area is focused on, amongst other areas, ensuring fairer prices for consumers who can end up paying more for their services. Two particular areas of focus relate to mobile handsets and pricing practices in the fixed broadband market:

helping consumers get better deals - consultation on end-of-contract and annual best tariff notifications and proposed scope for a review of pricing practices in fixed broadband []

Continuing to innovate in its approach to regulation

Ofcom intends to look at a broad range of area where it can innovate including how to address the shift towards the online delivery of communications services and making spectrum available on a shared basis:

enabling opportunities for innovation []

For more information contact: Simon Cloke