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There has been a seismic shift in retail in recent years and shopping habits have changed significantly. Whether they are visiting a physical store, ordering online or making payments via smartphones, shoppers expect a convenient and seamless end-to-end experience. This now applies at any time and, increasingly, in any jurisdiction.

Retailers look to stay ahead of rivals by increasing efficiencies through supply chain automation and artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, the “internet of things” and improved data collection methods have kickstarted a new wave of customized products and promotions. Businesses with large property portfolios are now looking to maximize value from their estates by offering collection facilities, using space to showcase products or sharing space with other retailers. The market has also seen online retailers investing in real estate, recognizing that a “clicks and bricks” strategy is required to remain competitive.

Retailers have therefore been forced to invest heavily, not only at the front end, but also behind the scenes, to ensure that order fulfilment and delivery happen as quickly as possible. These steps have all been made in an environment where margins are squeezed, technology is advancing and competition is rampant. In these challenging times, retailers need advisers with a high degree of sector-specific knowledge to help turn threats into opportunities, reduce risks and ensure they can evolve strategies for success. Whatever your needs, Eversheds Sutherland here to assist you.

Experienced retail lawyers

Successful companies need lawyers who genuinely understand their brand, the speed at which they operate and their need for simple, reliable advice. Retail has been at the heart of our strategy for decades. Our international Retail team has in-depth knowledge in this sector and work hard meets your evolving needs. We act as trusted advisors for some of the biggest global brands in the business, often working on complex strategic matters across multiple jurisdictions.

Our extensive industry experience has been developed through longstanding relationships with our clients. You can be confident that we will provide excellent service, thought leadership and quality advice.

Our international team of retail lawyers offer a full suite of legal services and provide strategic advice to meet all your legal needs, including:

  • regulation and compliance
  • mergers and acquisitions and initial purchase orders
  • real estate
  • intellectual property and branding
  • technology and omnichannel retail matters
  • data privacy
  • advertising and promotions

Our global reach allows us to offer multinational retailers a fully managed and controlled service across the countries they operate in. We are able to navigate the differences in legislation from country to country to ensure that retailers are compliant across multiple jurisdictions.

Contact our retail team

If you would like any further information or need advice on retail matters, please contact our legal team.



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