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ESG: Environmental

Environmental and sustainability issues touch companies in many ways. From reactive regulatory compliance to bold steps towards clean energy sourcing for facilities; businesses are facing it all.

Whether your organization is coming up against a hurdle, forging a new path, or both, our attorneys have the experience and business acumen to support your team.

Clean energy

Clean energy is no longer simply about renewable power sources. The sector now includes efficiency, smart energy systems, storage, mobility and transportation, decommissioning assets, sustainable finance, and sustainable forestry and agriculture.

To stay competitive in this ever-evolving sector, you need advisers who understand the global nature of the industry—holistically and in depth. Our lawyers understand everything from the shift away from subsidies for established technologies to the regulatory support mechanisms for emerging solutions, as well as stakeholder management across a project’s lifecycle.

Sustainable finance

What was once socially responsible investing now includes asset management and even ownership. Thoughtful investors are taking environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards into consideration as they look to allocate capital. These investors are looking for companies that will deepen relationships with customers and local communities while addressing serious societal challenges over the long-term.

With lawyers adept at securing value and protecting your interests across every stage of the value chain, we help you successfully negotiate each aspect of this evolving area of law.

Environmental law

Environmental legal issues present an ongoing compliance challenge for all businesses. New and more stringent standards are being set around the globe on a daily basis. Chemical regulation continues to tighten, and public concerns around climate change continue to grow.

Our experienced global teams provide you with solutions-driven advice and representation—wherever you do business.

Environmental compliance, litigation or enforcement, GHG reporting, waste management, clean and safe drinking water, sustainable investment and clean air issues are just a few areas in which we have extensive experience. Several members of our legal team joined Eversheds Sutherland from regulatory agencies and legislative bodies; and have a wealth of knowledge and experience driving and making policy within organizations.

Greenwashing, climate litigation and regulatory enforcement

Climate litigation cases are on the rise globally, with a substantial increase over the last decade as regulators and lawmakers focus on disclosures and reporting, and governments and corporates are held to account. Investors, customers, employees and the wider public are also paying close attention to company performance and delivery against decarbonization targets, and sustainability and climate commitments.

Governments are now imposing and enforcing specific obligations on foreign investors to comply with local environmental protection measures.

These factors make regulatory enforcement action and litigation or arbitration proceedings, with the associated reputational risks, a very real issue. And we can help.

Our specialist ESG team has experience across all key areas including group or class actions related to securities and mis-selling claims; regulatory investigations into financial reporting, market abuse and financial products, ‘greenwashing’ claims and arbitrations under investment treaties.

Whether you are defending or prosecuting, it’s imperative that your climate change dispute is handled by a legal team with vast experience in the field. Our attorneys have led clients through some of the world’s most complex disputes.

We can help

If you would like any further information or need advice, then please do not hesitate to contact our legal team.

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