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Global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Lawyers

ESG Legal Issues

ESG considerations are at the forefront of corporate strategy. Increased global regulation and the changing expectations of investors, employees, clients, consumers, communities and other stakeholders are leading companies to place increased focus on their ESG priorities and sustainable business practices. Assessing ESG challenges and risks and taking appropriate and informed steps can help businesses find new opportunities, build long-term financial value and establish operational resilience.

Experienced Global ESG Lawyers

Our global and multidisciplinary ESG team understands the challenges, risks and opportunities that ESG and sustainability presents and can help shape the future of your business. Our lawyers will ensure you achieve compliance with ESG regulations across the jurisdictions in which you operate. We will advise you on the regulatory changes to come, and help you craft a forward-looking ESG strategy that maximizes opportunities, supports sustainable growth, mitigates risk and helps you deliver on your commitments and purpose. Our approach is holistic, aligned and focused on helping you achieve ESG compliance and long term value across your entire value chain.

ESG Lawyers: Environmental

Environmental legal issues present opportunities and compliance challenges for businesses of all sizes.

Our lawyers have the experience to help you stay competitive in an increasingly complex and globally connected regulatory environment – whether that is ensuring you secure value in sustainable finance, evaluating your approach to decarbonization or waste management, or staying on top of environmental compliance, litigation, disputes and enforcement. We provide practical, legal and strategic advice on the full range of environmental issues, including:

  • environmental compliance and liability
  • sustainable finance
  • renewable energy
  • carbon credits allowances and off-sets
  • green leases and energy efficient buildings
  • waste management and recycling
  • e-mobility and sustainable transport
  • regulatory enforcement and ESG disputes

ESG Lawyers: Social

How your business engages with its workforce and the communities in which it operates is coming under increased scrutiny from regulators, customers, investors, shareholders and the media. Brands are adversely impacted by reports of discriminatory practices, adverse working conditions and harmful corporate cultures. There are also many success stories that enhance brand a reputation, with companies setting bold diversity and inclusion standards, making investments in employee education and future-proofing their supply chains. Whether you are horizon-scanning for future regulatory compliance, developing your human rights policy, focusing on health and safety or diversity and inclusion practices, or striving to improve the way your business supports its people, we can help. We provide practical, legal and strategic advice on the full range of social issues, including:

  • business and human rights
  • policy commitments
  • modern slavery
  • health and safety
  • diversity, equity and inclusion
  • ESG due diligence
  • risk assessments and reporting obligations
  • supply chain management
  • data privacy and information
  • employee and worker protection

ESG Lawyers: Governance

Business success and resilience is built on robust governance structures. Strong governance allows business to streamline operational efficiencies, respond to regulatory change, enhance brand and reputation and attract and retain talented employees and loyal customers. Internal and external risks must be carefully navigated with your corporate objectives in mind. Whether you want advice on reporting and disclosures, anti-bribery and corruption issues, pensions and benefits schemes, or support reviewing bylaws, governance and stewardship guidelines, we will help you develop robust board and governance practices which improve your organization’s culture and operations. We provide practical, legal and strategic advice on the full range of governance issues, including:

  • reporting and disclosures requirements across all global jurisdictions
  • global compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • ethics, codes of conduct and supply chain responsibilities
  • governance and stewardship guidelines
  • board diversity leadership structures
  • bribery and sanctions
  • corporate digital responsibility