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Global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Lawyers

ESG Legal Issues

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and sustainable business structures are no longer just regulatory concerns. They are board-level strategic issues.

Failure to take appropriate, informed steps could leave an organization exposed to material business risks particularly as key stakeholders are now requiring change within companies, and for good reason. Investors see a strong link between investing in ESG, and the financial value of companies. Companies that make these strategic investments are companies built to last.

Experienced Global ESG Lawyers

Our global team is comprised of lawyers who understand not only the regulatory position in each jurisdiction in which you operate, but also that of the investors and funders. Our approach is holistic, aligned and aimed at helping ESG compliance create value across your entire organization.

Our dedicated ESG lawyers can help you craft an ESG strategy and take advantage of the opportunities of its implementation—mitigating risk and helping you build legal compliance on the way.

ESG Law: Environmental

From rising sea and land temperatures to shrinking ice sheets, the threat of climate change is very real. As we move towards a low carbon economy, organizations and governments are increasingly required to articulate their climate commitments, and how and when they’ll be metWe support corporate, financial and government clients with:

  • regulatory and environmental law
  • sustainable finance and bonds
  • energy transition efforts
  • carbon credits
  • allowances and off-sets
  • supply chain management, and
  • managing the risks of regulatory enforcement and climate disputes.
  • business strategy and navigating clean energy transitions.

ESG Law: Social

Cases of dangerous or hazardous working conditions and discriminatory practices fill the news, adversely affecting brands. But there are also stories of companies setting bold diversity and inclusion standards, making investments in employee education and future-proofing their supply chains. Whether you are facing regulatory compliance or striving to improve the way your business supports its people, we can help.

We provide practical, legal and strategic advice on:

  • human rights policy commitments
  • health and safety practices
  • diversity, equity and inclusion practices
  • due diligence strategy
  • risk assessments and reporting obligations
  • supply chain risk.

ESG Law: Governance

Robust governance initiatives and mechanisms are expected by interest holders, shareholders and regulators, but also have the potential to improve culture, increase morale, and even foster customer loyalty. However, raising the visibility of these practices can bring more scrutiny.

We advise on:

  • board diversity leadership structures and oversight of risk management
  • support governance structures by reviewing bylaws, governance and stewardship guidelines, committee charters, codes of ethics and other materials designed to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and establish best practices across the globe.

Experienced ESG lawyers for your corporate business

We support our corporate clients with reporting, disclosure and compliance; future-proofed contractual frameworks; and strategic solutions to ESG challenges and opportunities.

Regulatory peace of mind for financial services institutions

Our leading financial services practice works with key industry bodies in the ESG space to ensure we stay at the forefront of regulatory developments and understand the impacts such regulation is likely to have on the sector.