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Life sciences lawyers

Our experienced life sciences lawyers can guide you through the entire life cycle of your idea, from intellectual property to worldwide marketing and compliance.

From working with you in the early days of invention to marketing a product worldwide, our team is here to help you at every stage in your journey through life sciences and healthcare.

Organizations like yours are familiar to us. We are chemists, engineers, molecular biologists, researchers, and scientists who combine our technical understanding with legal, regulatory, and compliance excellence to provide you with well-informed counsel – from your patent portfolio development, protection, and monetization strategies to market entry and exit strategies.

Whether you are an inventor, start-up, venture capitalist, investor, Fortune 50 or Fortune 500 company, or research institution we help people like you on all aspects of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices. We understand that regulatory and compliance will dominate your thinking – and can help you meet your requirements on every issue from M&A to tax, HR and real estate.

We know that often in this industry, time is of the essence, and we are proud that – particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic, we demonstrated that we can work at speed without compromising on efficiency. This is demonstrated by our looking at patents for potential vaccines and detection methods, as well as dealing with urgent approval for medical devices and personal protective equipment.

Whatever your background, we can help you commercialize your inventions, protect key intellectual property and structure your business and partnerships to best enable you to bring the next generation of medicines, products and services to market.

Experienced life sciences lawyers

Our lawyers use their experience and knowledge of the life sciences field to work across many cases and sectors. Some of our recent work includes:

  • a pan-European review of new product launch marketing materials for EU and country-by-country compliance
  • prosecution of pharmaceutical and biotechnology patent applications through our large US patent team. We also have patent attorney capability in Finland and South Africa
  • patent litigation across the US and Europe including Hatch-Waxman launch strategies
  • assessment of mobile apps as medical devices and advice on classification
  • antitrust litigation in relation to pricing and market access and to parallel importation, including refusal to supply issues
  • regulatory litigation concerning data exclusivity
  • advice on clinical trials agreements and regulation
  • implementing an EU-wide privacy compliance program and preparing for the arrival of the new data privacy law