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Living the contract

The evidence:

  • 80% of IT projects are delivered late or not at all.
  • 75% of UK businesses have had a legal dispute over IT contracts in the last four years.

How is your IT project doing?

Negotiating the contract is only the beginning - implementation can create huge challenges. We are able to provide practical legal assistance to help you when facing the challenges that arise in actually implementing your IT project.

Whether you are a customer or supplier, actively managing your IT project helps to keep it on time and on budget. It can also avoid disputes at a later stage which can interfere with or prevent delivery of the project. We work with you to reduce these risks and maximise your prospects of success.

Would you answer "Yes" to any of these questions in relation to your project?

  • Has the timetable set out in the contract slipped?
  • Are you concerned whether your project team understands its obligations under the contract?
  • Has the specification been changed?
  • Have delivery/milestone dates been missed?
  • Are there situations where the change control procedures have not been followed?
  • Have payments fallen behind?
  • Are lines of communication ever unclear, internally or externally?
  • Do you have any concerns about what is and isn't being recorded about the project's progress?
  • Are you concerned that the other party may be building a claim against you?

If so, you may not be able to achieve your goals.

Our solution

Our approach is to work with you right through the life of your IT project to help achieve its successful implementation. Our Technology Group has lawyers experienced in advising suppliers and customers on the legal and practical issues that arise in the implementation of IT projects, including changes in scope, delays, resource issues, payment, delivery and acceptance.

We often provide assistance to clients behind the scenes, without the other party knowing we are involved, giving strategic guidance to getting your project back on track.

We offer a number of services to help you manage risk and protect your legal position, including:

  • guidance on common problems and how to avoid them
  • training for your project team in understanding the contract and potential issues in implementation
  • health-checks to review how your IT project is progressing and the key indicators that show if your project is likely to be successful
  • on-going involvement in project review meetings
  • strategic assistance in handling issues that arise during the course of the project.

In the event it is necessary, we are experienced in all forms of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and informal negotiation, as well as more formal methods of dispute management such as litigation and arbitration.

Can we help?

Whether or not you had legal advice (from Eversheds Sutherland or another law firm) on the original contract for your IT project, we can assist you with keeping the project on track and within budget. Getting an IT project delivered can be a rough ride - we can help smooth the way and get you to where you want to be.


Our experience includes:

  • advising a government body on how to improve performance from its outsourced IT supplier by bringing pressure to bear through our behind-the-scenes approach
  • advising a number of organisations on terminating and re-letting failing outsourcing projects
  • working hand-in-hand with a defence contractor's steering group to ensure that a £50m IT contract was successfully delivered
  • guiding an IT supplier through a variety of issues arising during the national implementation of an IT system for the emergency services, ensuring their favourable resolution and completion
  • providing training to project teams of numerous organisations, ranging from banks and FTSE 100 companies to major public sector bodies.