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Against today's financially constrained backdrop, the need to have commercial arrangements maximize the benefits of your relationships and protect against risk has never been more important. An effective and enforceable set of arrangements with both suppliers and customers is a critical component of financial success for any business.

Whether your contract is complex or straightforward, one off or repeat, we can help your business achieve the following across all your commercial contracts:

  1. Improvement: working with you to analyze your existing commercial contracts and practices and identify areas for change.
  2. Control: developing and implementing a range of solutions to complement and support your in-house team, combined with management information that delivers transparency, control and insight.
  3. Excellence: quality delivered from a dedicated team.

"There's a real culture of sitting down with you as a client, drawing-up a plan and costs, and keeping you aware of what is being spent and how it is going"
Chambers and Partners

Eversheds Sutherland ICE

The challenge is to ensure that not only are your major relationships properly captured and documented but also the risks in the smaller, less high profile arrangements are also managed and controlled. In-house counsel are increasingly seeking both support on strategic projects and looking for innovative ways to manage day-to-day arrangements. For businesses looking for a controlled solution to the drafting, negotiation and settlement of their business and trading contracts across the globe, we have a range of solutions to suit your commercial contract needs. These range from advising on complex multi-jurisdictional contracts, high risk but day-to-day requirements and low risk high volume arrangements. We also have solutions which provide resource for your legal team.