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Energy and Infrastructure: Why work with Eversheds Sutherland?

Our Energy and Infrastructure lawyer Jonathan Cohen sets out what makes Eversheds Sutherland different.


Jonathan Cohen, Partner, energy sector

Jonathan Cohen: Clients use us because we have a number of attributes such as sector experience, we know exactly what the sector means for the consumers for the project developers so that means we know both sides of the story in terms of a project. We also are very cost effective in what we do. We have a number of cost basis, not just in London but outside in the regions but also offices around the globe. And finally, we have a reputation within the energy sector which is second to none. Because of the changing nature of the energy sector, there is a need to keep on top of all of the different policy and regulation that is coming out all the time and we have various tools to do that which include things like bulletins, shots to clients that go out via email so they can keep abreast of the development as well but also shows that we are on top of these issues as well. So it’s things like that that not only inform the reading but also potential clients as well of the changing dynamics of the sector. Around efficiency and cost, we are one of the most efficient teams within the city but also around the globe in terms of what we can actually achieve. On any given project they’re so complex and quite long term projects, we have various cost measures and ways to track what we are doing and keep the client abreast of those things. From that point of view, also the efficiencies where we can, if you like, spread the work to lower cost basis I think is something that we have over our rivals in terms of the work and transactional side of things.