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Energy and Infrastructure

Jonathan Cohen share some recent Energy and Infrastructure experience.


Jonathan Cohen, Partner, energy sector

Jonathan Cohen: At the moment, we’re undergoing a number of projects outside of the UK in terms of clean energy projects especially in Africa, Middle East, the far East and then we have all of the UK projects, so it’s very much a, as I said earlier, a cross-departmental, a cross-jurisdictional team and that means we can cover all bases. There are new projects coming up in places like Kazakhstan, Djibouti in East Africa and we have the quality, the expertise but also the resources to handle those complex and often difficult projects. I think when it often comes to renewable projects, which is a very growing area around the globe, we are without a doubt, number one. I think in terms of transactions, deal sizes and number of deals, there isn’t a team within the UK especially that can match us in terms of solar PV, wind energy, biomass all sorts of low-carbon and zero-carbon energy projects, we are without a doubt the number one team.