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Intellectual Property, Our experience

Gaeten Cordier and Simon Crossley share some recent Intellectual Property experience.

Gaetan Cordier

T: +33 1 55 73 40 738

Simon Crossley

T: +44 122 344 3850


Gaeten Cordier, Partner, IP
Simon Crossley, Partner, IP

Gaeten Cordier: We are representing clients from very varied industries. I mean it can be from the technology industries, from the industry related to retail, [luxury], pharmaceutical companies, internet, fashion. I mean we are representing very varied clients all around the world, US clients, European clients, Asian clients, African clients.

Simon Crossley: Clients come in with a very wide range of work for us to do, so for example, I think a year or so ago a client asked us to look at a particular copyright problem in seven countries across the Middle East. Now it just so happens that we have one of the strongest IP practices in the Middle East with offices in Dubai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia etc. So we were able to do that work very easily within Eversheds and provide a single point of contact to this US client to give them that work.

Gaeten Cordier: Clearly we have offices in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia, in Africa. We can advise clients for pure local advice or for cross border matters. Recently we represented a client for a trademark litigation in more than 12 countries at the same time. So clearly we are a global firm and we have a truly integrated IP team.