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Intellectual Property, Why work with Eversheds Sutherland?

Our Intellectual Property partners Gaeten Cordier and Simon Crossley set out what makes Eversheds Sutherland different.

Gaetan Cordier

T: +33 1 55 73 40 738

Simon Crossley

T: +44 122 344 3850


Gaeten Cordier, Partner, IP
Simon Crossley, Partner, IP

Simon Crossley: If I’m the client I think I need to see a deep bench and what I mean by a deep bench is intellectual property is a banner essentially for a basket of different types of law, different types of practice. So, if I’m looking at innovation and I’m looking at brand protection, I’m looking at protecting my creativity I need different types of lawyers in different types of countries. What we have done in our Eversheds IP practice is make sure we’ve got the right experts in the right areas in the right countries. So if you come to me with a patent issue, if you come to me with a copyright issue then we’re able to provide the right lawyers for the right work type. And that’s really important because we can’t have generalists in this area, we’ve got the right technical experts in the right areas for you.

Gaeten Cordier: I think we are special because of our thumbprint and because of our concern is to apply every day the highest standards in terms of quality and responsiveness. Clearly we are used to working together. We apply every day what we think to be the best for our client everywhere where we have offices or with our best friend’s firm and clearly we deliver.

Simon Crossley: I think a lot of firms are trying to be a global IP practice and I think we’ve made a lot more progress than many. If I take for example the continent of Africa, in Africa as everybody knows intellectual property protection and enforcement is pretty difficult. If you look at many consumer goods organisations they’re subject to counterfeiting which is why we thought it was important to have a very strong IP practice in our hub in South Africa so that clients who are willing to invest and develop their business in Africa can come to us knowing that we can protect their business in that continent. And I don’t think any other firm is in a position to do that at the moment. In another example a client came to us with a global rebrand, now that happens quite a lot because companies want to change their brand image. But changing your brand on a global basis is quite an undertaking but if you can come to Eversheds to a single point of contact and say to Eversheds ‘make my brand change’ then that’s a very powerful service for us to deliver through a single point of contact.