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Privacy and data protection: How can we help you?

Privacy and data protection partners Liz Fitzsimons and Paula Barrett introduce the team.

Liz Fitzsimons

T: +44 122 344 3808

Paula Barrett

T: +44 207 919 4634


Liz Fitsimons, Partner, privacy & data protection
Paula Barrett, Partner, privacy & data protection

Liz Fitsimons: We have a fantastic privacy and information law team with a large specialist group in the UK and working with our international colleagues around the world day to day on projects for our clients, working with them in the countries where they operate and are looking to expand as their businesses go global.

Paula Barrett: We cover both data protection or data privacy, we cover transparency laws so that’s freedom of information, and environmental information rules. We also cover cyber security and record retention, so pretty much all things data.