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Procurement & State Aid, How can we help you?

Head of Commercial and IT Bridgette Wilcox and Partner Totis Kotsonis introduce the Procurement and State Aid team.

Bridgette Wilcox

Bridgette Wilcox

T: +44 292 047 7515

Totis Kotsonis

T: +44 20 7919 0700


Totis Kotsonis, Partner, procurement & state aid
Bridgette Wilcox, Partner, procurement & state aid

Totis Kotsonis: We’re well known amongst law firms as being focused on finding solutions for the clients, addressing their concerns and being able to come up with ways forward and options that focused on commercially driven outcomes.

Bridgette Wilcox: One of the things that is unique about Eversheds and our procurement offering is in fact our international offering. So we have lawyers across many of the jurisdictions but most importantly across Europe. And what that means, and we’ve particularly found when we’re working with our private sector clients, is that we can act as a one-stop shop. So whether your main procurement advisor is in the UK, or in France, Germany or Poland, they will get to really know your business. And what we’re finding increasingly with our private sector clients is actually the appetite to challenge, particularly in sectors such as health and IT. And what we then do is the lawyer that’s got your real knowledge can work with our jurisdictional lawyers where the laws are slightly different but bring the knowledge that we’ve got with the local laws to really work out the best solutions for you and is there a chance for really making a complaint fly.

Totis Kotsonis: We are one of the largest procurement practices in the UK and indeed the EU. Our practice is quite diverse because is covers a number of sectors including energy, transport, water industry, infrastructure and indeed covers both private and public sector clients. Not everyone can provide procurement advice confidently. What sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we have an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of private procurement law. So just to explain that a little bit, there is the legislation, but the legislation is not always clear, there are a number of grey areas. And it is the ability to identify those grey areas and be able to interpret those areas in a manner that is consistent with EU laws requirements be it guidance from the European Commission or indeed judicial decisions in the courts and indeed not just EU decisions but also at the national level. And also there is a plethora of guidances by the government and indeed the European Commission and again knowledge and understanding of those are important in being able to advise clients confidently on how to navigate this difficult area of the law.

Bridgette Wilcox: We’ve got dedicated specialist partners often from diverse backgrounds with different legal training or indeed even scientists for example in the IP team. And they are supported by a team of lawyers that we train to be commercial and then they can specialise so they’ve really got an in-depth balanced advice for you. And many of our team over layer that with deep sector specialisms for example in rail, financial services, defence and other areas. And when we put that together we deliver quality advice that is legally astute and really delivers your business goals.