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IT Projects, Why work with Eversheds Sutherland

Nick Blane sets out why our IT Projects team is second to none.

Nick BlaneNick Blane

T: +44 115 931 7529


Nick Blane, Partner

There’s a number of reasons why we believe you should use Eversheds for your projects. We have substantial experience and expertise in the area, we have dedicated teams to spend their life doing these sorts of projects in the public sector and therefore that means that we understand the context in which the projects are being carried out.

We understand government thinking around sourcing and multi-sourcing and similar approaches. We also understand the market, therefore we can anticipate problems and issues and propose quickly solutions to those or anticipate those problems and therefore avoid them happening.

We understand what bidders typically look for and understand the importance of being able to sell the project to the bidder marketplace so you get the necessary buying interest and therefore a proper competitive process, and we understand new forms of IT and have advised on many of those in terms of different cloud offerings and how those can fit in and the advantages and disadvantages of those things.

We also take a pragmatic solution-based approach to everything we do, so we don’t over-lawyer things, we don’t take a legalistic approach on things, we work with you to find solutions, pragmatic solutions that get the deal and the project done and that includes exploring all options and giving you a view, we won’t sit on the fence, we will tell you what we think you should do and we will give you all the various options but we will give you an answer that will enable you to deliver a successful project.