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Debt Capital Markets

Our international Debt Capital Markets Group can advise you on all aspects of structuring and issuing debt securities.

Experienced debt capital markets lawyers

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Whether you are new to the debt capital markets or an experienced participant, navigating the complexities of structuring and issuing debt securities can be challenging. The capital markets generally are undergoing a period of significant disruption to established business practices, whether stemming from on-going changes to law and regulations, political reforms, new technologies or on-going economic uncertainties. In this kind of evolving and interconnected regulatory environment, knowing when to access the markets and how to structure additional capital issuances requires significant expertise in order to maximise the opportunities that such dynamic changes present.

As experienced debt capital markets lawyers, we provide that expertise to help you identify and overcome such challenges by structuring capital markets solutions that address your objectives and/or those of your clients. We also work closely with experienced colleagues from our other practice areas, such as tax and derivatives, to ensure that all legal, regulatory, and tax implications of your transaction are considered and seamlessly integrated. Moreover, our lawyers are experienced in advising all participants in the debt capital markets, providing us with a valuable understanding of the key issues from all sides of the deal table.

For issuers of debt securities, as well as often being strategically important, we recognise that capital markets transactions can impose a host of additional duties, obligations and responsibilities on issuers. We work alongside our clients and their other advisers in an efficient and cost effective manner to provide complete clarity at every stage and ensure that their goals are met. Using a thorough project management approach, we do everything we can to ensure transactions run as smoothly as possible, working to minimise the demands on clients’ time and any disruption to their businesses. On cross-border transactions, our extensive international network of over 60 offices across over 30 jurisdictions offers further opportunities to streamline your legal coverage.

In addition, if you are based in the United States, or thinking about tapping investors in the United States, our experienced U.S. securities law colleagues are available to help you navigate the complexities of debt capital raising in the United States.

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If you would like any further information or need advice on debt capital markets transactions, please contact our legal team.

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