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Corporate Secretarial Services

Entity Incorporation and Dissolution

We are experienced in assisting with a range of entity dissolution, liquidation and incorporation projects. We have assisted with, for example;

  • The incorporation of branch, representative and liaison offices, and a range of companies, including the purchase of shelf companies.  If required, in some cases we can also assist with post incorporation matters including certain tax registrations and filings, as well as offering our International Entity Management Service to assist with the maintenance and compliance of the entity once incorporated.
  • The closure of entities which are dormant or no longer required within your group structure. Our projects can range from the closure of a single entity, to the closure of multiple branch and representative offices and companies across a range of jurisdictions.

Case Study

When we first worked with Tyco more than eight years ago we took responsibility for almost 1,000 entities across 70 jurisdictions. Since that time we have worked with Tyco in respect of a number of reorganisations, including an entity simplification programme that took place over more than two years. This entity simplification programme has resulted in more than 250 entities around the world being dissolved or liquidated. As a result of the reorganisations, entity simplification programmes and divestitures we have been able to reduce the number of entities we maintain for Tyco to approximately 250 entities around the world.

“The Eversheds team developed an innovative and cost-effective solution to our international corporate secretarial local compliance needs. With over a thousand subsidiaries in more than 70 countries across the globe, Eversheds and its network of service providers crafted a program that delivers an efficient, single point of service. The firm’s flexible problem-solving approach and willingness to dedicate firm resources to invest in client solutions sets the firm apart from its peers.” - Tyco Corporation