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Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate secretarial experience

At the current time we operate our annual entity management service in more than 100 jurisdictions around the world. The intention is that the annual entity management service covers the corporate secretarial elements to keep an entity in good standing and other routine changes encountered in the year.

In addition we work with companies when they have entity management projects such as for instance, documenting tax driven reorganizations, entity simplifications, distributions, name changes and capital injections.

Case study: Delivering a worldwide transaction

The deal: Intercompany balance sheet clean up, eliminating approximately $33 billion of intercompany payables and reducing annual interest expense from $1.4 billion to a nominal amount, as well as eliminating various legal entities in the Caribbean.

We feel this transaction exemplifies the kind of service you can expect from us at a global level:

A single point of contact with a dedicated project manager - Throughout the process the client was able to contact the project manager and get an update on the status of each and every step of the transaction.

A coordinated approach - we coordinated the execution of documents using a standardized template, to ensure consistency and clarity, thus ensuring effective signing in a timely manner and overall visibility.

Regular reporting - The client received regular reports showing the status of the transaction, highlighting any outstanding issues to be actioned.

Capped fees - we sourced and negotiated capped fees for the work in every jurisdiction before the transaction commenced, meaning the client had complete visibility and control over costs.

Centralized and accountable billing - all billing was coordinated through Konexo, and the client received a single invoice covering the work in all jurisdictions. This included work done by best friend firms where we did not have our own offices.