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Energy Transition Club events and webinars

The Energy Transition Club hosts different type of events and webinars through the year. These include:

Quarterly Breakfast

We hold quarterly networking breakfasts around the globe which are by invitation only. Speakers and topics vary.

Quarter 1: Decarbonisation of transport - 25 March - Club Location HQ

Due to the Coronavirus we have been advised to postpone the quarterly Energy Transition Club meetings. Instead we will host the global webinar on 25 March at 10am (UK time).

Is the grid fit for purpose for electric vehicles uptake when combined with electric heat? How can electric vehicles be part of the flexibility solution?

You can watch the webinar here.

Quarter 2: Renewable Energy power agreements - 14 May - Club Location HQ

Growth of the ESCO

  • Services covered
  • Proposed models
  • Financing challenges
  • Interface solutions

Quarter 3: New Renewable Technology - 10 September - Club Location HQ

Challenges and opportunities for floating solar, floating wind and gasification.

Quarter 4: Energy efficiency - Energy Efficiency -Club Location HQ

Real Estate asset management:

  •  reducing real estate portfolio carbon emissions
  • developing low carbon geo location strategy for real estate assets
  • delivery options
  • energy efficiency regulations


Open to everyone, these are short half-hour panel discussions on trending topics related to the energy transition.

Quarter 1: Decarbonisation of transport - 25 March - Online

Electric vehicles charging infrastructure - a market assessment including Government support, direction of travel, gaps and how to fill them.

Quarter 2: Renewable Energy power agreements - 16 June - Online

Private PPAs and hybrid supply.

Quarter 3: New Renewable Technology - 12 October - Online

New technologies explained in detail including technical and financial risks and solutions.

Quarter 4: Energy efficiency - Energy Efficiency - 16 December - Online

Financing energy efficiency - challenges and opportunities.

Covid- 19

Global Webinar: 6 May - Online

Policy for supporting renewables and how banks are approaching renewable projects impacted by the virus.If you would like to attend the webinar, please find more details on how to join here.

Energy Transition Club Conference

We are currently organizing this event and there will be more details coming soon.

Visit this page regularly to find out about our next event or subscribe here to receive invitations directly.