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Energy transition readiness index 2022

Energy transition readiness index 2022

The energy transition is an urgent global challenge. The need for low carbon flexibility to displace gas is being highlighted by the current energy crisis, and investment momentum is building as a result.

Which country is leading the energy transition in Europe and the United Kingdom?

Countries across Europe have set ambitious renewable electricity targets for 2030 to meet decarbonization goals. To achieve net zero, rapid growth and investment in grid flexibility resources is needed to help electricity systems to become more efficient and to help reduce costs for customers struggling to pay their energy bills.

This Energy Transition Readiness Index report ranks the progress of 13 European countries according to progress against:

  • socio-political support for the energy transition
  • ability to exploit new technologies and business models
  • open market access for low carbon flexibility services

What are the opportunities for renewable energy developers in Europe?

The growth needed in new grid flexibility resources offers major investment opportunities, but easy access to electricity markets is required. Low carbon flexibility opportunities, numbers of participants and investment volumes are all growing. But many barriers remain, both in technology enablers and in accessibility to markets. Many countries are facing a huge flexibility challenge and prompt action is needed to achieve energy transition targets.