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Eversheds Sutherland, working with Energy Transition Investment (UKERC), surveyed the views of prominent funds and financial institutions actively investing in energy transition assets to understand their views of how the UK’s energy transition will fare post-COVID-19.

The survey of UK fund managers investing in the energy transition has found that 83% of respondents consider that Government action is required to shape the recovery of the energy transition, including the renewables sector, to ensure investment does not stall or pause post-pandemic.

Respondents identified that the Government should do this through greater clarity on a commitment to decarbonisation, regulatory actions to accelerate the transition, and linking the success of the sector to wider post-COVID-19 economic development.

When asked about the key factors impacting investment and market dynamics over the next three years, respondents considered Government regulation and route to market as most important. Respondents also identified electricity demand and power price uncertainty as a significant challenge, both of which have been negatively affected due to COVID-19.

Michelle T Davies, International Head of Clean Energy and Sustainability at Eversheds Sutherland, said:

“The upshot of our survey is that the energy transition in the UK is still seen as a significant investment opportunity – if not the most important. Existing projects and investments are managing due to the fact that their cashflows are backed by government contracts or long-term offtake arrangements. However, banks and funds are telling UK Government that they will not be able to fund the future energy transition without something changing.

“It is not so much as a result of Covid; many of the challenges existed before the pandemic. What the pandemic has done is accentuate the issue. There is significant capital looking for a green home but the dynamics of the UK power market, in particular, and the impact of our currency devaluation are making investments and financing difficult.”

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