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Energy events

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Upcoming events

The Energy Transition Series - Green PPAs

29 June | 10:00 ET | 15:00 BST | 16:00 CET - Webinar

During the short webinar the expert panel will explore key PPA trends & emerging PPA models, how the market is shifting, and give insight into what we and our clients are experiencing, all against the challenging backdrop of the current energy crisis and ever present climate crisis.

If you would like to attend the webinar, please register in order to receive the joining details.

Past events

Getting ready for Norwegian offshore wind

15 March - Seminar

The seminar will focus on what the industry should be considering in advance of the imminent auction rounds to ensure developers and investors are in the best position as potential participants. Featuring speakers, including partners from Eversheds Sutherland, alongside co-hosts Selmer and Pareto Securities, each bringing their broad experience from international offshore wind projects, we will address the following topics:

Energy Transition 2021 – A year in review and a look forward to 2022

19 January - Webinar

The final session in our 'From Transition to Transformation' webinar series, "Energy Transition 2021 – A year in review and a look forward to 2022.” The panel reflected on how the energy transition has progressed through 2021, lessons learned and what’s coming next in 2022.

Corporate Energy Transition - The best decarbonization models

10 November - Webinar

Corporate Energy Transition: The best decarbonization models", the fifth session of our From Transition to Transformation webinar series, Wednesday 10 November, 15:00 GMT.

Whilst considering key themes emerging from COP26, the panel will explore how you should structure your business to protect from the risks and take advantage of the opportunities arising from the energy transition and the wider ESG obligations.

Contracts for Difference Live Webinar: Reaction to CfD budget

16 September - Webinar

Eversheds Sutherland and Cornwall Insight are pleased to invite you to a brief webinar on the UK Government’s draft budget announcement ahead of the fourth CfD allocation round. This 30-minute event will take place on 16 September, 15:30 BST.

The eagerly awaited draft budget published this week has significant implications ahead of CfD Allocation Round 4. The speakers will discuss support for different technologies and the amount of eligible capacity in light of the budget, wholesale market developments and recent changes to the CfD.

Global Clean Energy Project Lifecycle Training Week

15 June - 17 June - Webinar

Our Global Clean Energy and Sustainability Team will be hosting a virtual Project Lifecycle Training Week. The training will be delivered by our specialists in the US, UK, EU, Middle East and Asia and will cover all aspects of the development of a clean energy project. Certain sessions will be jurisdiction-specific whilst others will be of application across multiple markets.

During the intervals, attendees will have the opportunity to network virtually.

Technologies needed to accelerate the Energy Transition

27 May - Webinar

In the third session of our From Transition to Transformation webinar series will focus, "Technologies needed to accelerate the Energy Transition". Our expert panel will discuss and evaluate a selection of emerging technologies and the role they may play in the global energy transition. Our panelists will share their views from across industry, tech and law.

Financing the Energy Transition

25 March - Webinar

In the second session of our From Transition to Transformation webinar series, "Financing the Energy Transition" we will explore all forms of sustainable / green finance and how these will support the financing of the energy transition. Our panellists will share their views from across industry, finance and law. We are delighted to be joined by Robert Todd, Managing Director, Global Infrastructure & Power of CIBC, alongside Eversheds Sutherland's own Michelle T Davies, International Head of Clean and Sustainability, UK, Herbert Short, Partner, US and Pim Van Leersum, Partner, The Netherlands.s.

UK National Infrastructure Bank

22 March -  Webinar

On 3 March, the Government published further details of the UK National Infrastructure Bank, building on the National Infrastructure Strategy published in November 2020. Although many have commented that without a model which replaces PFI/PF2, the announcement does not take us materially further forward, one important new detail was that a third of the £12 billion of new debt and equity finance will be routed through local authorities. This has the potential to present exciting new opportunities for innovative new partnerships between those already actively developing infrastructure, the existing infrastructure debt market and the public sector, without the trappings of PFI/PF2.

In this webinar, leading treasury management adviser Arlingclose and ourselves will explore:

  • What we know about the National Infrastructure Bank so far.
  • How our National Infrastructure Bank will differ from those elsewhere including the European Investment Bank.
  • How local authorities have historically accessed PWLB finance and treasury management implications of that approach.
  • What local authorities and developers might consider to partner together in new and innovative ways.
  • Types of infrastructure which might be developed using this money.
  • Other accounting and treasury management implications.

Renewable investment opportunities in Germany

3 March - Webinar

On 1st January 2021, a revised version of the German Renewable Energies Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz) entered into force (a revision to the German Offshore Wind Energy Act (Windenergie-auf-See-Gesetz) having already been adopted in December 2020).It is hoped that the amendments, which anticipate 93GW of additional capacity by 2030, will not only encourage national, but international investors and developers to Germany.During this hour-long webinar, a panel formed of members of our German energy team and moderated by Michelle T Davies, International Head of Clean Energy and Sustainability, will discuss:

  • Hydrogen and CCS
  • Grid integration
  • Impact on various technologies, e.g. wind, solar
  • Overview of the reforms
  • Opportunities for investors and developers

With over 20 years’ experience in the German energy market our panelists will share not only their views on Germany’s ambitious clean energy targets, but their insights on the opportunities available in Germany and whether international investors should be turning their attention to this market.

Energy Transition in Latin America

23 February – Webinar

As part of Latin America’s progress in the energy transition, Stephen Hill, partner, chaired and presented at the Canning House Energy Transition in Latin America virtual conference and was joined by a fantastic panel of guest speakers from:

  • Shell
  • Petrobras
  • BlackRock
  • Principles for Responsible Investment
  • Mainstream Renewable Power

The conference examined top trends in solar, wind and water power, and asked key questions as to how major oil and gas companies are addressing their green ambitions.

To watch a recording of the conference, please click here.

From Transition to Transformation - A webinar series for the Energy Industry in 2021

27 January- Webinar

We are pleased to invite you to join Eversheds Sutherland attorneys as we explore the opportunities, challenges and other issues implicated by the transition toward a low-carbon energy future in a six-part webinar series. Our programs will feature discussions with industry experts about the ways in which the transition to a lower carbon future is creating opportunities in a wide array of areas, including new “green” corporate bonds, demand (and subsidies) for new technologies, retirement and decommissioning of traditional assets and corporate participation in the renewable energy markets, as well as new disclosure and other regulations focused on addressing climate change risk.

In the first session, Horizon Scanning – A look forward to 2021, we will highlight:

  • 2021 - Energy Challenges and Opportunities
  • Global energy investment landscape
  • International trade environment
  • The green agenda of the new US Administration
  • New technologies - scalable and bankable in 2021
  • Climate and Environmental, Social, and Governance

We will also be joined by Baringa Partners LLP providing an industry outlook.

Recent Trends in the US Renewable Energy Sector

18 August- Webinar

We are pleased to invite our renewable and alternative energy clients and friends to join us for a webinar presented by Stephanie Kroger and Kyle Hayes as they share their perspectives on recent trends in the US renewables market.

The program will focus on trends in the physical solar and wind markets, and the potential commercial and legal considerations for developers, offtakers and financing parties.

This session will cover, implications of COVID-19 on key project development agreements that could indicate increased flexibility for developers (and corresponding risk mitigation for offtakers) in more normal environments, drivers of offtakers’ increased demand for protection against (or entitlement to) post-COD operational changes in their allocated capacity, potential proliferation of local emission limits in large cities and corresponding offsets from renewable projects (e.g., NYC Local Law 97).

Impact of COVID-19 on corporate PPA market

2 July 2020- Webinar

In this session we will discuss our shared experiences on some of the key impacts, negative and positive, that have arisen out of the COVID-19 pandemic on private PPAs. The presentation will cover a range of subjects including wider market impacts (such as the impact on the demand for PPAs and the liquidity of the private offtake market), pricing and offtake terms, regulatory impacts (such as new constraint management measures by system operators), and other contractual changes (such as force majeure and change in law).

We are delighted to have PPA experts from KPMG and Sustainable Development Capital LLP join us as part of the panel discussion.

Update on the state of funding for energy transition assets in the UK

30 June 2020- Webinar

Eversheds Sutherland and Energy Transition Investment invite you to attend an update on the state of funding for energy transition assets in the UK to be held at 12.30pm on 30 June.

We will be joined by BEIS and leading banks and funds supporting the financing of and investment in energy transition assets. We will explain the current state of play as impacted by COVID-19 together with the likely market impact in the short and medium term taking account of reduced power prices and impacts on offtaker credit worthiness together with the impact on volume of transactions, debt pricing and terms.

The webinar will also give you a chance to ask our senior panel their views.

Is the Heathcare next in the evolution of Green Finance, Sustainability-Linked Loans, Transition Bonds and ESG?

4 June 2020- Mirco webinar

The Eversheds Sutherland Clean Energy Team will be hosting a webinar to discuss Green and Sustainable Finance and its evolution in the current climate.

The event will be led by Mark Dennison and Holly Suthren and will cover:

  • opportunities available to the Clean Energy Sector across Green Finance, Sustainability-Linked Loans, Transition Bonds and ESG
  • key discussion points when structuring and developing sustainable finance transactions
  • LMA guidance published in May 2020
  • healthcare and its future role in financing the Clean Energy Sector

Navigating Problems in Clean Energy Projects

27 May 2020- Global Webinar

The Eversheds Sutherland Clean Energy Team will be hosting a webinar to discuss strategy and best practice in the navigation of problems in clean energy projects. The event, which will be led by Mark Dennison (Project Finance) and Jessica Neuberger (Construction and Engineering Disputes) and other experts around the world, will consider construction and operation phases across the full Finance and Project Documents spectrum.

Covid-19 - Policy support and funding implications renewables during Covid-19

15 May 2020- Global Webinar- UK Focus

Due to demand, we arererunning our original webinar around policy support. The webinar will focus on the UK Government’s business continuity activities and finance support mechanisms, including the Business Interruption Loan Schemes and the Corporate Financing Facility with input from both Treasury and BEIS and what the REA has been doing to help progress support measures for the renewables sector in the UK.

We will also focus on how funders of renewables, both debt and equity, are approaching projects impacted by Covid-19. Some of the leading funds and banks in the sector will also provide advice on the best approaches to take to maintain project support.

Eversheds Sutherland's International Head of Clean Energy and Sustainability and Chair of the REA Finance Steering Group, Michelle T Davies, will chair the discussion.

Post-Covid-19 re-entry/return to work planning

4 May 2020- Global Webinar

The conversation will focus on re-entry strategy and what global businesses can expect in a changed working environment as they begin to resume operations once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

The discussion will cover core planning and implementation teams, assessment of existing models, risk assessments, implementation of safety measures, screening measures, return to work plans, wellbeing and welfare and limiting legal risks.

Covid-19 Implications on African Solar Industry

17 April 2020- Global Webinar

The African continent has so far been relatively spared by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The pandemic nevertheless has important impacts on the growing solar industry on the continent which is characterized by a wide diversity of business segments (large scale, C&I, mini-grids, SHS).Join the experts on Friday 17 April, 1pm, to learn more about these impacts, the different national responses to the pandemic and the potential mitigation strategies applicable to the solar industry.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • current business situation of the different solar segments and financial implications
  • impact analysis on supply chain factors and projections
  • concept of Force Majeure and other contractual implications of the crisis

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