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Energy publications

A complete list of our international energy law reports, guides and publications available to download.

Powering Data Centers

The coming AI revolution in the energy sector

The recent advancements in artificial intelligence ("AI") have the potential to dramatically transform the energy sector. The rapid digitisation of the sector over recent decades along with the availability of large data sets means that AI can play an important role in accelerating change across the industry. Typical use cases include electricity trading, smart grids, or the sector coupling of electricity, heat and transport. In each of these areas, AI can provide significant productivity gains by analysing and evaluating big data sets and by enabling smarter and more efficient decision making.

Powering Data Centers

Powering Data Centers : Helping to deliver energy transition and net zero strategies

For those who operate data centers, finding ways to efficiently incorporate renewable energy sources in a highly regulated environment, such as wind and solar, can be a complex task for data centers. Our guide provides an overview of the alternative energy solutions on leading technologies for data centers to implement to ensure a secure and sustainable power supply.

Eversheds Water Group brochure

UK Pensions Dashboards

With the first deadlines for occupational pension schemes to connect to dashboards in August 2023, there is much to do, potentially within quite a short timeframe.

To help you prepare, we’ve outlined twelve key action points for trustees to consider now.

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Eversheds Water Group brochure

Energy transition readiness index 2022

The energy transition is an urgent global challenge. The need for low carbon flexibility to displace gas is being highlighted by the current energy crisis, and investment momentum is building as a result.

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Eversheds Water Group brochure

Switched on to the Energy Transition

The global power market is transitioning from hydrocarbons to sustainable power resources. Latin America represents some of the most attractive renewable energy markets in the world. We have compiled a bi-annual table comparing the key elements that international developers and investors should consider to understand the energy and infrastructure opportunities available in key Latin American countries.

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Data Sovereignty – the Oil & Gas perspective

When it comes to data, globalization may no longer be the buzzword in many corporate boardrooms. Companies are increasingly running up against legal barriers to the free flow and aggregation of data as countries continue to pass so-called data sovereignty laws.

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“Responding to the evolving cyber threat landscape in the oil and gas sector” – the first in a series of White Papers co-authored by Eversheds Sutherland and Microsoft.

In this White Paper we assess the evolution of the cyber-threat landscape and the effects of geo-political tensions on the oil and gas sector, we explore some of the challenges of managing the security of Industrial Control and SCADA systems, and we explore the issues raised by an often fractured legal and regulatory landscape. To address these challenges we provide some guidance on strategies to manage threats posed by employees and supply-chain partners, we look at the benefits of information sharing and Cloud services to manage new and evolving threats, and finally we look down the road at future technologies being developed to help companies develop robust information-security postures.

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Belt and Road Guide

The Belt and Road Initiative: Investment laws in key BRI countries
The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is almost certainly the largest global infrastructure programme this generation will see. It is a vast opportunity for both Chinese businesses and for the many economies along the routes.

To help you understand the key investment legal frameworks that prevail in some of the key BRI countries, Eversheds Sutherland have published a guide.

Download The Belt and Road Initiative: Investment laws in key BRI countries guide

UK water group

Our UK Water Group

Eversheds Sutherland has a dedicated focus on the water sector, with unrivalled experience of acting for a significant number of the UK’s water undertakers. We can offer holistic advice on a broad range of areas, including water legislation and the regulatory framework within which the sector operates

Geotheraml guide

Geothermal Energy International Guide - Licensing and Incentives
Eversheds Sutherland is pleased to present a guidebook on international geothermal laws, commissioned by the IFC, explaining the geothermal regulatory position across key jurisdictions taking particular interest in geothermal energy, including Australia, Chile, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Turkey.

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Middle East  - Our power and water experience

Our power and water experience in the Middle East
This publication provides an overview of our power and water experience in the Middle East. Globally we have acted on a range of water, wastewater and energy projects including coal, gas, liquid fuel, biomass, waste, hydro, wave and tidal, biofuels, nuclear, solar (thermal and PV) and wind (onshore and offshore) plants.

Our waste experience in the Middle East

Our waste experience in the Middle East
Our waste group has acted on 72 waste schemes and has unrivalled experience in all types of large scale waste projects. We have experience of advising both the public and the private sector (whether as bidders, sub-contractors or equipment suppliers) enabling us to really understand the issues from both perspectives. This publication provides a snapshot of the projects members of our group have advised on.

Eversheds Water Group brochure

Eversheds Sutherland Water Group brochure
This brochure provides a brief overview of our water sector experience.

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