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ESG for the UK asset management industry podcast series 10/05/2023
Regulatory Guidance & Comparison of 2 Types of AIFs available in Ireland - the EIF and the QIAIF 08/05/2023
Consumer Duty - are you ready? 27/04/2023
Letter of Credit Sanctions Clause: How to Properly Handle? 24/04/2023
Investment Research Review - call for evidence 19/04/2023
Implementation of SFDR by EU Member States 18/04/2023
New Individual Accountability Framework in financial services in Ireland: Key points and next steps 30/03/2023
Financial service industry braces for recommencement of Immigration Act screening of ‘current accounts’ on 6 April 2023 21/03/2023
An overview. The Central Bank (Individual Accountability Framework) Act 2023 10/03/2023
Regulatory Initiatives Grid published - key takeaways for UK listed companies 09/03/2023
Navigating legislation. Preparing for the new Individual Accountability Regime 09/03/2023
LMA, APLMA and LSTA release revised sustainable finance principles 02/03/2023
Operational Resilience: Have you done your self-assessment? 27/02/2023
FCA discussion paper DP23/2 Updating and improving the UK regime for asset management 22/02/2023
Wholesale broker firms’ boards must consider UK's FCA "Dear CEO" Letter by end of February 16/02/2023
The Digital Pound – A Bank of England and HM Treasury consultation – what you need to know 13/02/2023
UK's FCA simplified retail market investment advice regime 19/01/2023
HM Treasury consultation on PRIIPs and UK Retail Disclosure and the FCA discussion paper on Future Disclosure Framework 17/01/2023
Wealth Management M&A – Key Transaction Issues 16/01/2023
The shape of UK financial services regulation post-Brexit: The Edinburgh reforms 04/01/2023
The anticipated commencement of the UK Overseas Funds Regime (OFR) 03/01/2023
UK: Crypto assets & personal property laws 03/01/2023
“Edinburgh Reforms” of UK Financial Services: Consultation on VAT treatment of fund management 19/12/2022
Changes to the UK prospectus and public offers regime 15/12/2022
Consultation to reform the UK Consumer Credit Act 13/12/2022
The Edinburgh Reforms 12/12/2022
Podcast: Discussing the FCA's regulatory hosting consultation with IQ-EQ 06/12/2022
Culture and accountability: Irish and EU developments - Thomson Reuters - Regulatory Intelligence 01/12/2022
FTX files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy 30/11/2022
UK: Crypto assets & personal property laws 22/11/2022
COP27: Finance Day 9 November 2022 10/11/2022
Digital assets: global regulation 28/10/2022
UK's FCA sets out final policy changes to strengthen financial promotion rules 20/10/2022
Regulating ethics in financial services: Engaging industry to achieve regulatory objectives 06/10/2022
UK - Navigating the right path: Our Consumer Duty podcast series 27/09/2022
Preparing for Ireland's new financial services individual accountability regime 15/09/2022
FCA sets out process for firms wishing to cancel a temporary permission 13/09/2022
New FCA Rules designed to enhance the appeal and access to the long-term asset fund (“LTAF”) 07/09/2022
Irish banks urged to begin preparations for personal accountability regime 31/08/2022
Landing slots confirmed: the FCA confirms it has allocated landing slots to all firms known to be applying for full authorisation in the UK 25/08/2022
Implications of the new Consumer Duty for Asset Managers 15/08/2022
The Consumer Duty: a significant shift in retail financial services 08/08/2022
SFC Seeks to Widen Its Enforcement Power 04/08/2022
Publication of the Central Bank (Individual Accountability Framework) Bill 2022 03/08/2022
A partnership for growth - Our sustainable finance podcast series 28/07/2022
FCA consults on plans for reform of the UK listing regime 31/05/2022
The Queen's speech 2022 - an ambitious agenda with a focus on economic growth and legislative flexibility in a post-Brexit UK 20/05/2022
ESMA proposes changes to notification letters for cross-border UCITS and AIFs 19/05/2022
Individual Accountability: Latest Thought Leadership on Culture and Conduct Risk in Financial Services 17/05/2022
FCA Business Plan 2022/23 and Strategy 2022/25 06/05/2022
Has the FCA made good on the Treasury’s promise to fix PRIIPs for the UK? 13/04/2022
FCA provides fresh guidance on Regulatory Sandbox and Innovation Pathways 11/04/2022
Reverse solicitation update: ESMA and the Commission consider how to gather data 11/04/2022
Is the SMCR likely to be successful in improving behaviour and culture? 06/04/2022
It's the final countdown to operational resilience (or is it?) 31/03/2022
Overview of Law No. 4 of 2022 on the Regulation of Virtual Assets in the Emirate of Dubai 24/03/2022
New executive order forges path for unified US regulation of digital assets 17/03/2022
Treasury study expresses concern about money laundering risks associated with NFTs 10/03/2022
A glimpse of the planned Solvency II reforms – What could it all mean? 04/03/2022
One step closer to the Overseas Funds Regime 03/03/2022
ESMA launches a Common Supervisory Action on the valuation of UCITS and open-ended AIFs 02/03/2022
FundsTrack: trends in the private funds market 2022 report 21/02/2022
ESMA seeks to tighten scrutiny of firms’ use of tied agents under MiFID II framework 15/02/2022
AIFMD II: The commission’s proposals to reform AIFMD and the UCITS directive 14/02/2022
Operational resilience: how do you measure up? 01/02/2022
Government proposes legislation to tighten crypto-advertising rules 31/01/2022
New regulatory requirements prior to marketing crypto assets in Spain 21/01/2022
Planning for a new Consumer Duty 20/01/2022
Thomson Reuters- Regulatory Intelligence 07/01/2022
Practical steps to prepare for IFPR 14/12/2021
The SFDR RTS on taxonomy-related disclosures and a further delay to implementation 09/12/2021
Four things you need to know about the Pension Schemes Act 2021 30/11/2021
What the divergence in EU and UK decisions regarding the PRIIPs exemption for UCITS and NURS means practically 23/11/2021
COP26 Closure of Negotiations, 13 & 14 November 2021 15/11/2021
COP26 Cities, Regions and Built Environment Day, 11 November 2021 12/11/2021
EEA access tracker for non-EEA financial services firms 12/11/2021
COP26: Transport Day, 10 November 2021 11/11/2021
COP26: Science and Innovation Day, 9 November 2021 10/11/2021
COP26: Adoption, Loss and Damage Day, 8 November 2021 09/11/2021
COP26: Youth and Empowerment Day, 5 November 2021 08/11/2021
COP26: Nature Day, 6 November 2021 08/11/2021
COP26: Energy Day, 4 November 2021 05/11/2021
COP26: Finance Day, 3 November 2021 04/11/2021
Discussion Paper DP21/4 - Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labels 04/11/2021
Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labels 04/11/2021
COP26: World Leader’s Summit, 2 November 2021 03/11/2021
UK Regulatory hosts and umbrellas for hedge funds 03/11/2021
COP26: World Leader’s Summit, 1 November 2021 02/11/2021
Greening Finance: A Roadmap to Sustainable Investing in the UK - A view from Financial Services 02/11/2021
UK FCA policy statement on long term assets funds (LTAFs) 29/10/2021
Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures: Time to get ahead of compliance before compliance is ahead of you 28/10/2021
What the divergence in EU and UK decisions regarding the PRIIPs exemption for UCITS and NURS means practically 26/10/2021
IOSCO’s report on ESG ratings and data providers 11/10/2021
A sneak preview of what’s coming for UK Asset Managers in ESG and Sustainability 08/10/2021
The EU Q&A on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (SFDR) 04/10/2021
A new regulatory gold standard: Opportunities to align US-UK digital payments webinar 01/10/2021
Luxembourg Financial Services Summer Update 15/09/2021
The UK FCA’s review of AFM’s assessments of value for asset managers 01/09/2021
Fraud in cryptoassets – proper place to be tried? 27/08/2021
Changing overnight: ISDA 2021 EONIA Collateral Agreement Fallbacks Protocol published 19/08/2021
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