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Climate Change Litigation

Climate change litigation is an umbrella term encompassing all disputes that relate to the issue once regarded as “global warming”. These include mitigation measures as well as litigation to catalyse legal, policy and social change. In these instances climate change may be the main focus or a preliminary issue in the litigation.

Either way, it’s clear that the number of disputes in this area are on the rise, with a substantial increase over the last decade or so, focussing mainly in Western markets but with cases also appearing in Asia and Africa.

With an increase in prevalence comes a much greater increase in risk.. As such, it is imperative that any potential climate change dispute – whether you are defending or prosecuting – is handled by a legal team with vast experience in the field.

Our experienced climate change litigation lawyers can help

Our global Litigation practice has led clients through some of the world’s most complex disputes.

With years of experience working on environmental impact litigation around the world, we can help you with:

  • disclosure and reporting requirements
  • class action litigation
  • actions under company and financial regulation
  • fraud and consumer protection
  • constitutional claims
  • rights-based claims
  • private law claims such as negligence, nuisance, trespass, public trust and unjust enrichment
  • breach of convention and or rights
  • administrative law actions including reviews of government decision-making
  • shareholders disputes and derivative actions

How we can help

We can help ensure your interests are protected. Simply get in touch with our experienced Climate Change Litigation team today.