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Our Global Hedge Funds testimonials

“As one of the top fund lawyers in London, Ben knows his trade - bar none. What truly stands out, however, is his accessibility and his dedication to our success. You can reach Ben at all hours, anytime, anywhere. New to Europe, Ben generously offered us his contacts and relationships, anticipating our every needs. He is the consummate counsellor and our go to person for years to come.”
Peter T. Chang – Managing Principal - GreenLake Asset Management

“In my opinion, without exception, the work is absolutely top quality. We have all the confidence in the world in Eversheds Sutherland.”
Client quote – Chambers, 2017

“We have worked with Ben Watford for a number of years as our trusted advisor and counsel for GAM Kimura, both onshore and offshore. We were delighted to follow Ben to Eversheds Sutherland where the team have afforded us a far more comprehensive global suite of coverage, driven by knowledgeable professionals. The enhanced offering Eversheds have delivered to us has helped greatly in our ever more demanding needs as we grow our footprint in the global marketplace.”
Kris Tremaine – Founder - GAM Kimura

“I have known Ben Watford for the last ten years, and he has always shown a great professionalism in his work. When we decided to launch a new business, Ben listened to our business model and ideas we wanted to set up, and reverted with an efficient proposal. He provided professional, relevant and honest advice to help us ensure that we were moving into the right direction business wise. His advice was greatly appreciated and he has always been available to listen to our queries, concerns and to respond in an efficient manner.”
Founder – Quant Fund

“Ben Watford is an absolute pleasure to work with. Throughout the setup of our fund he has been extremely accommodating, diligent and professional. With his wealth of knowledge across legal, structural and compliance has given us great comfort to know we are in good hands no matter how small or complex the request. He has been fantastic in educating some of the junior members of the team with complete transparency and genuine intent throughout. Overall Ben and his team have delivered outstanding quality from the outset and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”
Founder – Commodities Fund

“I have found Ben Watford to be well informed, focused, and insightful in his counsel. We have learned to rely on him as a legal expert, strategic counsel across multiple jurisdictions, and trusted advisor for all of our legal and fund structuring needs. Our trust in Ben and Eversheds Sutherland is evident in every aspect of the asset management business, and our own legal rights. Ben is truthfully our go to guy in every aspect of the industry. I highly recommend him.”
Founder – Long / Short Fund

He was diligent, always made himself available and delivered a highly professional service. He was respected by and managed his team well and was fair and transparent about his fees. What really made him stand out though was his entrepreneurial spirit and connections in the industry. He went above and beyond what we would have expected from a law firm and gave us introductions, recommendations and a range of business advice.”
Founder – Hedge Fund

“I have found Ben to be one of the most capable and best informed lawyers of his type. He is a real professional who is clearly able to stay on top of the ever shifting sands of legal, regulatory and commercial developments. Ben is also able to command the trust of his wide ranging industry contacts and is notable for his ability to make relevant and timely connections between them.”
Stuart G. MacDonald, Bride Valley Partners

“I have had the great pleasure to work with Ben Watford at Eversheds Sutherland for a number of years now and he has been exceptional at managing and completing all of my legal requirements on all of the new funds which I have worked on including Cayman SPC/SPV, Master/ Feeder with Delaware onshore, Irish and Luxembourg structures. Ben has always delivered on time and within the agreed budget and has always kept us aware in advance of all out of scope costs which may occur to ensure no surprises at the end of each task, which is very refreshing to witness, as he is the first lawyer I have come across to be able to achieve this. Knowing that Ben is partnered with our business gives me great piece of mind knowing that everything is taken care of and executed to an exceptional standard and going forward as our lead legal counsel. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
Outsourced COO

“We have been working with Ben Watford for over 5 years assisting emerging and start up fund manager get to market quickly and in a compliant and regulatory robust way. Our businesses share much of the same core values which results in such a beneficial output for our clients. Whether the client’s desire is for a complex structure hedge fund vehicle. Ben Watford and his team have been able to deliver a brilliant product with unparalleled client service time and time again.”
Leading FCA platform

“Ben Watford is truly the leader in the Alternative Asset Management space. He continues to provide us with the most innovative advice and cutting edge legal work. The “can do” attitude with the Special Forces atmosphere distinguishes Ben and his team from all other major law firms. Ben simply understands the alternative asset management space, and knows the eco system inside and out, and provided us with a complete holistic solution to fit all our needs. Having worked with many top law firms globally, I would chose Ben and his team over any other shop out there.”
Omer Granit – Founder West4 Capital

“The best thing about working with Ben and the team is that you really feel like they’re on your side – and there’s nothing quite like having a bunch of sharp lawyers fighting your corner.”
Jari Habib (COO), Westbeck Capital

“I have always been impressed with Ben’s knowledge and professionalism in my dealings with Eversheds. Not only has this resulted in a smooth Fund launch but also on very commercial terms. He can be relied upon to provide clients with technically excellent and honest advice that is in their best interests.”
Anil Joshi (CEO), Saffron Consulting