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Our global solution for the passporting, private placement and distribution of funds

Global fund registration brings with it associated business and regulatory risks. Addressing these issues, quality control and maximizing your business opportunities are some of the principal challenges you face. Understanding and managing these are central to your success.

As one of the biggest global law practices in the world, we understand these risks and challenges and have worked with our clients to develop FundsNet. This coordinated passporting, private placement and distribution service is designed to help you comply with regulatory obligations and understand the key issues in each country where your funds are sold. FundsNet draws upon our market understanding, depth of resource and innovative approach to information technology.

Eversheds Sutherland has unrivalled experience of advising investment funds, acting for a broad range of clients, most of which have strong international offerings.


FundsNet enables you to understand the key issues in each country where your funds are sold and comply with the regulatory obligations.

FundsNet allows you to tailor a solution for your business that provides a clear and managed process for:

  • passporting EU AIFs managed by EU AIFMs
  • passporting UCITS (UK and non-UK domiciled)
  • private placement (UCITS funds, non-EU AIFs, AIFs with non-EU AIFMs)
  • ongoing host state compliance
  • advice on legal and commercial issues to consider when deciding whether to passport
  • advice on pre-passporting promotion and distribution
  • review of UK and international websites and financial promotions
  • review and negotiation of distribution agreements
  • review and negotiation of local paying agent, facilities agent and other agreements
  • AIFMD Annex IV transparency reporting. For Annex IV reporting, we work with leading suppliers to provide you with a complete outsourced solution

FundsNet country updates

View the last 4 International FundsNet updates.

FundsNet - April 2023

What others say

The FundsNet team has given us a great deal of comfort during the fund registration process, their professionalism and strong project management skills have meant that we have been able to have confidence in the high impact area of fund registration.
Fulcrum Asset Management

FundsNet solutions


AIF passporting/registration

UCITS passporting/registration

  • Identify documents, local requirements and service providers
  • Arrange translations, country supplements and disclaimers (as required)
  • Prepare and submit notification packages (or similar)
  • Manage queries from regulators
  • Identify requirements for further notifications/communications
  • Maintain registration tracker, an interactive overview providing a live link to your fund registrations

Private placement

  • Identify local requirements for marketing by way of private placement
  • Where allowed/required, prepare and file country notifications/registrations under national private placement regimes
  • Manage queries from regulators
  • Identify requirements for further notifications/communications

Third party agreements

  • Source and management of all third parties involved in the registration process
  • Review and negotiate distribution agreements
  • Review and negotiate local paying agent, facilities agent and other agreements
  • Prepare fund information matrix, providing a link to key documents and agreements on a fund by fund basis


Country guides

  • Concise and practical legal advice in a standard format on registering, promoting and distributing funds, including:
    • AIF passporting guide
    • AIF private placement guide
    • UCITS passporting guide



  • Identify and provide automated alerts to filing/maintenance obligations and deadlines
  • Update registrations/notifications where required to reflect particular changes to your fund range, including translations, disclaimers and country supplements (as required)
  • Address your day-to-day regulatory reporting obligations that relate to a fund or sub-fund – for example, the filing of annual reports, updates to share classes and other information
  • Provide service providers with the latest versions of updated fund documentation
  • Maintain registration tracker

Websites and financial promotions

  • Advise on pre-registration promotion and distribution
  • Review UK and international websites, disclaimers and financial promotions

AIFMD Annex IV transparency reporting

  • Working with leading suppliers to provide you with a complete outsourced solution

Other needs

Other needs

  • Non-standard advice
  • Assisting you with non-standard advice with which you may require assistance, for example:
    • change of controller notifications across multiple jurisdictions
    • review of record retention, anti-bribery, AML, etc. policies across multiple jurisdictions
    • stamp duty and tax requirements