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Securitisation and Structured Finance

Our international Structured Finance Group can advise you on all aspects of securitisation and structured finance transactions.

Experienced securitisation and structured finance lawyers

How can we help?

Local and international markets for securitisation and structured finance products continue to undergo significant changes in both regulation and practice, which can make it hard for both seasoned and prospective participants to keep track of the latest developments and requirements. Our experienced team can provide you with the necessary expert assistance to structure and implement practical financing solutions that address your objectives and help you identify and maximise opportunities in today’s increasingly complex markets.

We also have experienced colleagues in our other practice areas, such as tax, derivatives and regulation, who work closely with our structured finance team to ensure that all legal, regulatory, and tax implications of your transaction are considered and seamlessly integrated. Moreover, our lawyers are experienced in advising all participants in structured finance transactions, providing us with a valuable understanding of the key issues and challengers from all sides of the deal table. We also provide full service US advice (including on regulatory issues under Dodd-Frank, the Investment Company Act and the Investment Advisers Act) as an integrated part of any cross-border or global structured finance transaction.

We work alongside you and the other transaction parties in an efficient and cost effective manner to provide complete clarity at every stage and ensure that your goals are met. Using a thorough project management approach, we do everything we can to ensure your transaction runs as smoothly as possible, working to minimise the demands on your time. On cross-border transactions, our extensive international network of over 60 offices across over 30 jurisdictions offers further opportunities to streamline your legal coverage.

Our lawyers are experienced in advising all participants in Securitisation and Structured Finance, including:

  • sponsors
  • originators of securitised assets
  • issuers of debt securities
  • investment banks, investment managers and underwriters
  • corporate trustees
  • service providers
  • investors

Contact our Debt Capital Markets team:

If you would like any further information or need advice on debt capital markets or structured finance transactions, please contact our legal team.

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