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General Counsel Forum

Carrie - Networking Forum for Women in In-House Roles

Carrie – named after the first women admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales - our women’s network has been running in London for over 10 years. Established by former GC, Denise Jagger, it provides a safe and informal environment for women in in-house roles to come together and share experiences and hear from inspiring guest speakers.

Carrie Video

Next webinar: "Hidden In Plain Sight"

Tuesday 2 November 2021 - 4pm - 5pm (GMT) 

We are delighted to invite you to our next virtual Carrie network event to discuss women as natural communicators. Naomi Sesay will be leading the session on ‘ Hidden In Plain Sight’.

This session will focus on:

  • Highlighting why creating a psychology step change is key to dismantling discriminating and bias ideas that plague our world
  • Understanding why the female nuance behind cognitive communication is key to moving our teams and organisations toward new and powerful ways of thinking, living and working

At Eversheds Sutherland, we are committed to building a gender balanced business and living our values to embed an open, professional and inclusive culture. This commitment is at the heart of our strategic focus to develop an environment where colleagues of all genders can develop to their full potential, make fulfilling career choices and where gender or gender identity does not pose a barrier to success.

About Naomi Sesay

With over 20 years’ experience in television and media, Naomi Sesay has devoted her career to serving as a powerful advocate for diversity and inclusion, and trail-blazer for social enterprise.

Recent roles at Channel 4 included On Screen Diversity Executive and Interim Head of Diversity & Inclusion. Currently, Naomi is the Senior Trainer in Race Fluency and Inclusive Leadership for the FTSE 100 companies in the UK. Naomi is also the founder and director of Billionaire Ladies Club, a growing global network of highly aspirational women looking to transform the world through entrepreneurship. 

As an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker, Naomi challenges audiences to examine their emotional and cultural intelligence to create a truly diverse workforce. She has shared her insights on how to connect, resonate and powerfully lead a diverse cohort with audiences from Warner Bros, AMC, Technicolor, Cabinet Office, Heathrow, Viacom, Post Office, UN Woman, Harvard and more.


Past Carrie events

Challenge, Change and Covid - gender equality now and into the future 

This session will focus on International Women's Day. June Sarpong OBE will be leading the session on 'Challenge, Change and Covid - gender equality now and into the future'.

How to lean in if you’re not Sheryl Sandberg

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE will be talking to us on “How to lean in if you’re not Sheryl Sandberg”. This session will look at some of the themes raised in the controversial best-seller, which was a blueprint for women to get ahead in the workplace. Anne-Marie expands on the good, bad and ugly of being in today's workplace, the institutional biases at play and tangible actions to ensure that underrepresented groups can thrive, without having to lean in. Expect laughs, big takeaways and a sense of control over your career destiny.

Wellbeing in the workplace

This session will focus on individual wellbeing in the workplace, in particular the importance of sleep. Steve Robinson, founder of We Sell Sleep, will be talking to us about how we can improve and maintain the quality of our sleep.

Working in a male-dominated industry

Rachel Eade MBE will be talking to us about her experiences of working in a male-dominated industry as well as providing her suggestions for how to get the most out of your career and be a role model to other women around you.

Q&A With High Commissioner of Canada, Janice Charette

Chair of Eversheds Sutherland, Pamela Thompson, spoke to High Commissioner Charette about her career history, whether she had a career plan and whether it went accordingly to plan, what challenges she faced and how she overcame them, what advice she would give her youger self and the role of men in supporting their female colleagues.

Include yourself with Deborah Frances-White

We are most ourselves when we feel included, with out best friends or family. We are most included where we feel we are with our 'tribe'. We know we need to 'lean in' but how, when and can it be done with flair and charisma? Once you've included yourself, can you include others like a leader? Deborah spoke to us about how better to include ourselves and others.

Confidence and resilience with Sally Fisher

Sally hosted a mini workshop exploring how we can more consistently deliver peak performance even when self doubts and fears start to get in the way.

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