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Eversheds Sutherland's copyright law team registers copyrights, handles licensing and transfers and protects copyright work from unauthorized use throughout the world.

Our lawyers handle all matters related to licensing, transfers, assignments and securitization of copyrights in order to maximize the value of copyright works. We help to establish ownership of copyright works and register copyrights with appropriate authorities in required jurisdictions. In addition, we protect the value of copyright work by policing potentially infringing uses around the world and online. We also have substantial experience in copyright litigation and where appropriate, are able to negotiate agreements that can avoid potentially costly litigation.

Our copyright law experience

We have a wealth of experience in copyright-rich industries such as music, publishing, film, television and other new media.

However, our copyright law team extends beyond books, music and movies to such diverse fields as product packaging, carpet designs and software code. Our clients include clothing manufacturers, research groups and electric utilities. We are as comfortable policing potentially infringing packaging designs for a fashion designer as we are pursuing litigation to protect the interests of a toy manufacturer from knock-off competition. This diversity of clients ensures that our lawyers remain on top of all relevant copyright law developments.

We provide the full range of copyright law services, including:

  • establishing ownership of copyright works and registering copyrights
  • royalty disputes
  • pre-release copyright clearances
  • negotiating licensing agreements
  • handling issues surrounding the transfer and assignment of copyrights
  • policing potentially infringing uses of clients’ works online and around the world
  • unlocking value through securitization of copyright works

You can rely on Eversheds Sutherland’s legal and technical knowledge to develop a global strategy for establishing copyright protection and count on us to maximize the value of copyright material through effective enforcement, exploitation and when necessary, litigation.

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