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Reputation management

In business, a good reputation is often an organization's most valuable asset. A positive public image takes many years of investment to build but can be destroyed in an instant. Should yours ever be threatened, Eversheds Sutherland’s reputation management practice will work to protect you, using a variety of effective legal tools.

Developments in reputation management law

The widespread accessibility and use of digital media has increased the variety of ways in which reputations and privacy can be attacked often repeatedly, anonymously and from several sources at a time. Once a negative story breaks, it can spread rapidly via social media and rolling news channels, potentially turning a minor issue into a major global risk. If negative material is posted on the internet, it can remain there indefinitely, causing ongoing damage, unless appropriate action is taken.

Experienced in reputation management

Eversheds Sutherland’s reputation management practices work with you to control your portrayal in the media and help to protect your privacy. We achieve this by calling on our extensive experience in:

  • defamation (libel, slander and malicious falsehood) claims
  • confidential information and privacy law
  • broadcasting and press regulation
  • advertising law

We can help to prevent privacy breaches and the leaking of confidential information or damaging information. Our reputation management lawyers intervene quickly and decisively to ensure that your public image does not suffer. We will advise you on strategies to help prevent the disclosure of confidential information and respond rapidly to a crisis. After publication of negative material, we can advise on how best to respond, counteracting bad publicity, helping to minimize damage and, where necessary, litigating on your behalf.

Our reputation management experience includes:

  • acting for a major global business to prevent sophisticated ongoing scams being committed in its name
  • acting for a senior board member of an international business to prevent blackmail through the threat of publication of sensitive private information in the press
  • supporting numerous businesses to put in place media plans and policies when they are concerned about becoming subject to unfair and unwarranted press attention
  • regularly advising on the prospect of defamation claims against the press or broadcasters for publishing misleading or inaccurate stories
  • acting for a major international bank in a libel action against a global news group
  • working to prevent the defamation of a financial services client on multiple websites across Europe and Africa
  • obtaining a privacy injunction to prevent the disclosure of sensitive personal information relating to two employees of one client
  • obtaining an interim injunction for a politician in Germany, regarding defamatory comments on websites
  • using privacy rights to prevent the broadcast of highly sensitive material about a corporate client
  • securing an injunction to prevent the publication of a salacious story already in the hands of newspapers

Contact our reputation management team

If you would like any further information or need advice on reputation management law, please contact our legal team.

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