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Discrimination law

In an increasingly globalized world, equality is a key concern for all businesses – not least because companies with diverse workforces are often among the most successful. However, not even the fairest employer is immune to claims of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Developments in employment discrimination law

Complaints of this nature are worrying, stressful and have serious implications for your company. In addition to the risk of costly financial penalties, they negatively affect productivity, management resources, staff morale and public image. Navigating such issues is always tricky but the task becomes even greater for organizations that span a variety of countries, each with different working cultures and discrimination laws.

In addition to abiding by the laws of the jurisdictions in which their businesses operate in, international employers are now under growing pressure to comply with International labor standards laid down by bodies such as the International Labour Organization.

To mitigate legal and commercial risk, it is vital that people in senior management, law and HR positions have access to detailed, high-quality information about international employment discrimination law. Eversheds Sutherland’s discrimination practice is on hand to guide your business through this complex and sensitive legal area.

Experienced employment discrimination lawyers

Our lawyers can help you get to grips with the global laws affecting your organization. We provide answers to all your questions, ranging from which jurisdictions offer workers the strongest protection against discrimination to scenarios in which specific cultural sensitivities often arise.

Drawing on extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, our lawyers can help you to avoid the risk of litigation, financial exposure and reputational damage. Should the worst happen, our litigation lawyers will also act on behalf of your organization and help you to secure the best possible outcome.

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