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A step by step guide for your employees

Almost all citizens of European Economic Area countries must apply for “settled status” to enable them to continue to live, work and study in the UK following its departure from the European Union.

Now that applications are open to all EEA citizens, the Home Office is launching a substantial advertisement and communication campaign to publicise the Settlement Scheme. Settled Status and the need to apply will be posted over social media, radio, television and billboards. Once this campaign has been rolled out, we anticipate that businesses will be inundated with questions from concerned members of staff.

As such, we are offering clients access to a guidance video which takes the applicant through the settled status application step by step, with footage of a real life application. This will be the first experience of an immigration application for many of your staff, who have previously benefited from the freedom of movement of people in the EU.

For more information on the video and costs, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.

Who is it for?

The video is a perfect tool for employers seeking to provide support and assistance to their EEA staff, facing the daunting prospect of making an application to secure their rights in the UK post Brexit.

At less than 10 minutes long, this is a useful, snappy way in which to reach and support large volumes of staff who may be based elsewhere in the UK. From 9 April 2019, Settled Status applications are available to be made from outside of the UK, and this tool can be used to ensure that those temporarily outside of the UK on a work assignment feel just as supported as their UK-based colleagues.

What does it cover

The video takes you through the application form from start to finish, including:

  • Introduction to the EU Settlement Scheme
  • Deadlines for applications
  • Eligibility
  • Rights and restrictions attached to settled status and pre-settled status
  • What you need for the application
  • How to navigate the ID document checking app
  • Online application form walk through
  • Proving residency including providing additional evidence
  • Refusing pre-settled status
  • Submission and outcome

Benefits to you?

Cost effective guidance for your employees Cost effective guidance for your employees
Supported and Appreciated
EEA staff will feel supported and appreciated
Retention of key eu staff Retention of key EEA staff
High quality video, easily shared to high volume of staff in different locations both inside the UK and beyond
Ability to be packaged with bespoke, detailed FAQs and guidance documents on how to make settled status applications for family members and children

Video preview

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Audrey Elliott, Partner

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