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Gender Pay Legal Advice

With the second gender pay gap reporting cycle underway,employers are reviewing the impact of publishing their pay data for the first time. There is no time to lose as stakeholder attention is already moving on and challenging employers to explain how they are addressing their gender pay gaps in practice. While action planning goes beyond the requirements of the reporting duty, many organisations will be want to respond, reflecting equal pay and reputational risks and pressures on talent recruitment and retention.

Our gender pay gap research report 2018

Following the first deadline for organisations to publish their gender pay gap data, we wanted to find out what employers think the impact of the new law will be, including whether they believe it will make a difference to the gender pay gap.

Working with Winmark, we surveyed and interviewed more than 80 Senior HR and Chief People Officers across various industry sectors to find out what they felt were the main causes of their gender pay gaps, how they plan to tackle them, what challenges they are likely to face and what they feel the risks are if they do not take action.


We have been at the forefront of equal and gender pay developments for many years and have the experience and track record of helping organisations navigate through this complex and sensitive area. Our experience began with the conduct of mass equal pay litigation facing the public sector including precedent appeal decisions in the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Court of Appeal. More recently we were instructed in one of the most high profile equal pay matters when we conducted the BBC Equal Pay Audit. In the lead up to gender pay gap reporting we assisted many employers to navigate their way through the technical detail of the Regulations and prepare their voluntary narrative to accompany their statistics.

Gender pay gap reporting:

advising on the duty to report, analysing pay data, assisting with internal and external communications

Root cause analysis:

helping organisations to understand the causes underlying their gender pay gaps

Beyond gender:

helping employers to assess ethnicity, disability and other pay gap data


providing unconscious bias and diversity training

Recruitment, promotion and senior diversity advice:

supporting genderneutral hiring, appraisal, promotion, mentoring, talent development practices and advising on positive action

Building inclusive workplaces:

advising on how to make flexible working, maternity leave, parental leave, career break, reward and other policies more inclusive in practice

Global gender pay reviews:

advising multinational employers conducting global gender pay reviews on cultural sensitivities, privacy, confidentiality and labour relation issues

Equal pay risks:

gender pay data may reveal potential unlawful pay inequality between men and women and may lead to equal pay claims. We undertake risk reviews, equal pay audits and provide mitigation advice

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