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A Guide to Conducting Internal Investigations

Internal investigations are an increasing feature of corporate life, often commenced in challenging circumstances where senior staff, the board, customers, the press or the authorities (or all of them) are demanding answers within a very tight timetable.  Handled poorly, a company’s investigation can heighten the risk of litigation, prosecution, regulatory enforcement or reputational harm to the company, its staff or its customers.  Done well, an investigation can help improve a company’s culture and strengthen its defences against similar incident in the future. 

Unfortunately, there is no legal or regulatory blueprint for what is accepted practice or accepted standards when conducting an internal investigation. This can put a company at a material disadvantage, particularly when it is called to account for how it handled its enquiry into an incident and to justify whether the steps it took in response were adequate.

This title seeks to solve this problem by explaining, in a step by step guide, what a good investigation looks like and how to avoid some of the major pitfalls that an investigation will often encounter.  The book guides investigators through the myriad of issues that can arise and dismantles many of the preconceptions and myths which have grown up around investigations over the past two decades.

Providing expert guidance on every step of an investigation including who should carry out the investigation, the scoping and planning, the interviewing and witness handling, how best to cooperate with the authorities, employee conduct and performance investigations, investigating senior staff, press, PR and Corporate Comms and litigation risks A Guide to Conducting Internal Investigations redresses the balance and provides a much needed blueprint for firms who find themselves in this position.

This is a new practical resource for all companies and individuals that may be asked to undertake an internal investigation or wish to use the text as a quick reference guide for their company’s existing practices.


Conducting internal investigations – practical guidance on how to achieve the best outcome and avoid unnecessary risk for your company, customers and staff

A practical training module which takes you through the key stages of an investigation, from end-to-end. The module will explain some of the crucial elements required to ensure the best outcome for your organisation, whilst avoiding some of the major pitfalls that can arise and which are likely to cause unnecessary risk to an organisation, its people and its customers.

This training can be delivered as a short or in-depth module.

Who is this for?

This training is aimed at in-house professionals including lawyers and those in compliance, risk, audit or HR.

Short module

An overview of the topic aimed at senior managers, board members and those who might be new to the topic and wish to learn more. 

Normal duration 45-60 minutes including time for questions.

In-depth module

A more detailed format set over three sessions of 90 minutes each or four sessions of 60 minutes each. Aimed at in-house practitioners looking to develop their skills and knowledge of undertaking internal investigations.

This session includes practical tips and guidance on corporate governance, scoping and planning investigations, undertaking evidential enquiries, conducting interviews, managing confidentiality and legal privilege, handling employee issues and strategies for engaging with regulators and authorities.


Delivered virtually, the cost of the training is as follows:

Short module (60-minutes)
£100 per delegate or £750 fixed fee for up to 12 delegates

In-depth module (three sessions of 90 minutes each or four sessions of 60 minutes each)
£400 per delegate or £3,000 for up to 12 delegates

For more information or to book this training course, please visit our training page or get in touch with Jake McQuitty.

 +44 207 919 0600
M: +44 7747 532453

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A guide to conducting internal investigation